Tineco Presents the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam - the 3-in-1 Cleaning Device for the Household

Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam (Photo: Business Wire)

BERLIN--()--Tineco, a leading provider of floor care and innovative household appliances, set new standards in cleanliness with the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam. The vacuum cleaner sets a new standard of hard floor cleaning and offers an efficient, time-saving and hygienic solution for the modern household.

The Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 Steam combines the power of a cordless vacuum cleaner, mop and steam cleaner in one device. So the days of following multiple steps and complicated routines to achieve a spotlessly clean floor are over. With its unique design, this smart steam floor washer allows you to clean and disinfect hard floors at the same time, effectively halving the cleaning time required. Say goodbye to sticky messes and stubborn stains as the steam heated to 140℃ effortlessly removes even grease and dirt from the floor.

Efficient cleaning with MHCBS™ technology and the Pouch Cell design

Thanks to MHCBS™ technology, dirty water is efficiently recycled, while the integrated brush scraper provides additional cleaning. At the same time, continuous washing and rinsing with fresh water takes place. The battery revolution with the pouch cell design offers longer lifetime and safety. Compared to conventional batteries, the Pouch Cell offers three times the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner, setting a new industry standard. The pouch cell also ensures consistent, reliable performance and keeps temperatures low, ultimately meaning less waste and increasing safety.

Multiple self-cleaning systems for hygienic maintenance

The FLOOR ONE S7 Steam integrates multiple self-cleaning systems that use fresh water and heated steam to thoroughly clean and disinfect the brush roll and hoses. The centrifugal drying function effectively removes excess water and prevents re-contamination to ensure thorough cleaning by each use.

Key features of the FLOOR ONE S7 Steam:

  • 3-in-1 function: vacuum, mop and steam clean in one step for a flawless floor.
  • HyperSteam technology: Powerful steam at 140°C removes even stubborn dirt.
  • Self-cleaning: Continuous cleaning of the brush roller and hoses for hygienic use thanks to MHCBS™ technology.
  • Lifespan: Long-lasting battery with the Pouch Cell Design for consistently reliable performance and improved safety.
  • Wireless and Self-Moving: Wireless and lightweight for maximum freedom of movement without restrictions.

The FLOOR ONE S7 Steam will be available from October 31st on Amazon and the official Tineco website for €699.

About Tineco

Founded in 1998, Tineco has driven innovation in the smart appliance category by specializing in creating intelligent technology to make everyday home products easier to use. Today, Tineco has quickly shifted to be a leader in the smart gadgets category with its intelligent cleaning solutions – PURE ONE vacuums, FLOOR ONE floor washers and CARPET ONE carpet cleaners – and all-new kitchen appliance – TOASTY ONE.

For more information via https://de-store.tineco.com/