Calibrate Shares Best Real-World Results to Date for Cohort of 11k Members at The Obesity Society’s Annual Conference, Demonstrating 16.2% Weight Loss Sustained at 24 Months

The dataset encompasses 11,429 members treated with a combination of GLP-1 medication and proprietary intensive lifestyle intervention through Calibrate’s comprehensive metabolic health program

NEW YORK--()--Calibrate, the first value-based model in obesity treatment and the nation’s leading metabolic health company, presented new outcomes data for the company’s largest real-world cohort on record at the Obesity Society’s 2023 Obesity Week Conference. The data demonstrated 16.2% average weight loss at the 12-month mark in a cohort of over 11,000 individuals, with weight loss sustained—and advanced—at 24 months. Former World Obesity Federation President and Calibrate Clinical Advisor Donna Ryan, M.D. delivered the presentation.

While the safety and efficacy of GLP-1s for obesity treatment has been demonstrated in clinical trials for more than a decade, a persistent lack of large-scale real-world outcomes data has limited insurance coverage and access to these ground-breaking therapies. Calibrate’s latest clinically-validated results demonstrate weight loss superior to the best-case clinical trial results for many GLP-1 medications, including Saxenda®, Ozempic®, Rybelsus®, and Trulicity®, with results on par with manufacturer trials for Wegovy® and Mounjaro®. Unlike manufacturer trials, Calibrate’s analysis followed patients in an environment where inventory shortages and changing insurance coverage regularly interrupted access to medication; the analysis notably included all-comers to Calibrate programs with a minimum of only one month of GLP-1 insurance coverage.

“While clinical trials provide important benchmarks, publishing real world outcomes establishes the standard of care that insurers use to underwrite access for patients,” said Isabelle Kenyon, Calibrate’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “Calibrate’s data and results demonstrate that increasing access to obesity treatment is possible when medication is used as a tool—not the long-term treatment. This research demonstrates that our lifestyle intervention works, and that it delivers sustainable outcomes at scale.”

Calibrate is the first and only platform that has committed to publish results from its entire population. Importantly, its programs pair GLP-1 medication with proprietary intensive lifestyle intervention delivered through in-app curriculum and 1:1 video coaching for sustainable, cost-effective results. To date, more than 30,000 patients have enrolled in Calibrate’s programs.

The company’s latest outcomes data followed more than 11,000 patients enrolled in Calibrate’s obesity treatment program, and found the following metabolic health outcomes and improvements over the course of 12 to 24 months:

  • 16.2% average weight loss at 12 months (n=11,429)
  • 17.2% average weight loss at 24 months (n=650)
  • Mean reduction of 6.1 inches at 12 months
  • 95% of the cohort started with waist circumferences in an at risk range; only 59.7% were at risk at 12 months

"Calibrate has made yet another important contribution to the conversation surrounding GLP-1 medications,” said Dr. Donna Ryan, Calibrate Clinical Advisor. “Achieving 16.2% weight loss in a real-world cohort of this magnitude, and demonstrating sustained and improved results over 24 months is truly impressive. It underscores the effectiveness of Calibrate's approach. This model has the potential to redefine how we address obesity treatment, offering patients a new standard of care that ensures lasting, meaningful outcomes."

In addition to weight loss and waist reduction results, participants completed questionnaires at baseline, 6 months, and 12 months to self-report changes in food habits, sleep patterns, exercise frequency, and emotional health. The following behavioral and energy-based results were reported:

  • 57.5% improvement for food habits
  • 37.4% improved hours of sleep/night
  • 49.6% increased exercise frequency
  • 29.3% improvement for emotional health
  • 50.5% improvement to energy levels
  • 28% improvement to overarching assessment of health

Read the research abstract here:

About Calibrate 
Calibrate is on a mission to change the way the world treats weight. As the first outcomes-based model in obesity treatment, Calibrate is setting the standard of care with a digital program that combines medication with behavior change to improve overall metabolic health, allowing people to sustain long-term weight loss results after medication. Calibrate is the only program to guarantee results backed by clinically-reviewed data.

Calibrate has been recognized the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers, Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas, TIME’s Best Inventions, and the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable Traction Awards. The Company is backed by leading healthcare investors, including Founders Fund, Tiger Global, Threshold Ventures, Forerunner Ventures, Optum Ventures, Madryn Asset Management, and Redesign Health.