Companies Using AI-Enabled Tools for FinOps Save More Than 20%

Tangoe 2023 Study of FinOps Programs Reveals Tactics for Maximizing Success


How do you ensure your FinOps program will work? Research reveals 3 best practices for maximizing returns. (Graphic: Business Wire)

INDIANAPOLIS--()--Tangoe, the leading technology expense and asset management solution for over two decades, today announced the release of a 2023 Study: “Maximizing FinOps Programs,” a survey conducted by Foundry and commissioned by Tangoe. The research focuses on the critical aspects of managing cloud costs and best practices for maximizing resource utilization, achieving cost savings, and establishing more financial predictability. According to the survey, enterprises activating a FinOps model using AI-powered software are 53% more likely to report an overall cost savings of greater than 20%. In contrast, companies who do not use AI average less than 10% in cost savings.

Covering a wide range of FinOps issues, the study investigates the challenges that make FinOps a necessity, the top FinOps use cases, the benefits of these programs, the value of AI-enablement, and how to select a solution or service provider. A few highlights of the survey include:

  • Companies using third-party software and services realized a 20% cost savings on average, while DIYers save less than 10%.
  • The top areas benefiting from FinOps are productivity savings (46%), cost savings (43%) and reduced security risks (43%).
  • Top three drivers for adopting FinOps/cloud cost management programs:
    • Increasing cloud resource production and performance (70%)
    • Reduced budgets (60%)
    • Rising costs (58%)
  • Companies using AI-enabled tools within FinOps cite benefits including ease of program management (50%). More than half (54%) cited challenges in building the right process and human support systems for FinOps.
  • Service utilization and rightsizing services are among the highest priority use cases for FinOps in general with nearly two-thirds (65%) using it for this purpose.

“Reliance on cloud services is nearly universal, but for companies to achieve cloud ROI, they must quickly gain complete visibility into service utilization and be able to precisely match cloud resources with business needs in order to reduce unnecessary spending,” said James Parker, CEO, Tangoe. “Business leaders need real-time dashboards that connect IT operations, finance, and cloud financial management data in one platform, taking advantage of AI to deliver actionable insights. Our FinOps survey demonstrates the challenge businesses face in trying to develop these capabilities themselves, especially given the need for AI and expense management expertise.”

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Maximizing FinOps Programs: How AI and Best Practices Elevate Savings

About Tangoe One Cloud

Tangoe empowers companies to activate their FinOps strategies through its AI-powered Tangoe One Cloud solution. This comprehensive cloud expense management solution across IaaS, SaaS, and UCaaS, delivers benefits, including:

  • Visibility into the Cloud: Tangoe offers the industry’s most extensive array of pre-built API integrations, facilitating broader data ingestion and a clearer perspective on software and infrastructure services.
  • AI-Powered FinOps Tools: Tangoe offers a smart solution including AI-based automation with 13 patented capabilities expediting financial management workflows to yield quicker cloud insights and savings.
  • Choice and Flexibility in Cost Management: Clients can reduce the cost of their cloud infrastructure across four major providers while optimizing their software and unified communications through customizable services tailored to meet the diverse needs of both IT and finance teams. When organizations are poised to extend FinOps principles beyond their cloud estate, Tangoe seamlessly scales cost optimization for mobile devices and telecom services.

About Tangoe

Tangoe is the leading technology expense and asset management solution. Tangoe seamlessly integrates with hundreds of providers globally to deliver the reporting and insights needed by enterprises of all sizes and scales. Fueled by an innovative automation framework and unified customer experience, Tangoe optimizes spend and resources across telecom, mobile, cloud, and IoT. For more information on the power of Tangoe and how it can transform your business, visit or connect with the company on LinkedIn and X.


Hotwire Global

Gay Beach
Vice President, MarCom, Digital and Demand


Hotwire Global

Gay Beach
Vice President, MarCom, Digital and Demand