Autonomous Maritime Drone Manufacturer Ocean Aero Opens 63,000-Square-Foot Facility on Gulf Coast

Autonomous Maritime Drone Manufacturer Ocean Aero Opens 63,000-Square-Foot Facility on Gulf Coast. The facility will enable the production of up to 150 Tritons per year. (Photo: Business Wire)

GULFPORT, Miss.--()--Ocean Aero announces the opening of their new headquarters and manufacturing facility located at the Port of Gulfport on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. With 63,000 square feet of state-of-the-art production capacity, the new Ocean Aero facility represents America’s latest addition to the industrial manufacturing base. The facility opens with 60 employees and will hire another 15 full-time positions before the end of the year.

Representing the first phase of Ocean Aero’s manufacturing expansions, the facility will enable the production of up to 150 Tritons per year. Annex options adjacent to the facility have the opportunity to produce another 450 Tritons per year.

We’re very proud of what the team has accomplished in our two years located in Mississippi and are looking forward to an even brighter future,” said Ocean Aero CEO Kevin Decker. “The timing couldn’t be better to add to our production base given the recent announcement of Replicator and other ongoing programs championed at both the U.S. Navy and DoD levels.”

Ocean Aero has been consistently working with the U.S. Navy and many of its constituents around the world since moving to Mississippi. It is an international exporter and has engaged with NOAA as well as a number of universities to conduct scientific services.

The talent of our employees from the Mississippi area, the support we have received from the Gulf Blue ecosystem, and the unwavering dedication of the Mississippi elected officials have exceeded our expectations in every way. We’re honored to be citizens of the local community,” said Decker.

The company drew support from a host of Mississippi’s political leadership, including the Mississippi Development Authority, the Harrison County Development Commission, Mississippi Power, the University of Southern Mississippi, and the Port of Gulfport. This opening culminates a years-long process championed by Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Senator Roger Wicker.

"The opening of Ocean Aero’s state-of-the-art facility on the Mississippi Gulf Coast marks a significant milestone in the journey toward a sustainable and thriving blue economy. By harnessing the potential of our coastal resources, Ocean Aero exemplifies the spirit of innovation and environmental stewardship,” said Mississippi Development Authority Deputy Executive Director Laura Hipp. “The company’s commitment to advancing marine technology not only positions Mississippi as a leader within the blue economy, it underscores the crucial role of our oceans in R&D and in shaping the future of our economy as a whole. MDA congratulates the Ocean Aero team on the opening of this new facility and looks forwards to the company’s continued progress on the Gulf Coast."

About Ocean Aero

Ocean Aero creates, manufactures, and distributes advanced unmanned ocean systems technology. Its signature product—The Triton—is the world’s first and only environmentally-powered Autonomous Underwater and Surface Vehicle (AUSV). The Triton both sails and submerges for unparalleled ocean data collection with ready-to-deploy packages and custom payloads for an array of applications. Ocean Aero brings the ocean and its data to you, with novel hardware and software that is revolutionizing maritime exploration.


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