Consumer Cellular appeals to Boomers and Gen Z in 'Shot on Flip Phone' campaign featuring new IRIS Flip — ‘All the phone and camera you really need’

New brand campaign embraces flip phones as an answer to constant distractions and social media

Consumer Cellular launches "Shot on Flip Phone" campaign highlighting the freedom that comes with options to communicate on your terms. (Graphic: Business Wire)

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--()--Consumer Cellular, the Most Awarded Brand for Wireless Customer Support among Value MVNOs by J.D. Power, is introducing a new point of view in a world dominated by technology, with the new “Shot on Flip Phone” campaign. From Zoomers to Boomers, “Shot on Flip Phone” delivers a message of human connection and simplicity to help break through "notification fatigue,” and instead help you enjoy life in the moment.

Harkening back to the omnipresence of a campaign about capturing the perfect picture, Consumer Cellular presents a counterpoint: life as it appears through the lens of a flip phone. Focusing on candid, off-the-cuff moments, Consumer Cellular highlights that life isn't about curated perfection and projection; it's about the genuine moments that connect us. The "Shot on Flip Phone" campaign celebrates the joy of staying connected with loved ones, capturing authentic life experiences, and embracing the imperfections that make each moment unique.

“The inception of the 'Shot on Flip Phone' campaign came from the realization that our technology-driven world often encourages a culture of perfection, projection and and a continuous fear of missing out. Nowadays in social settings, the constant distractions and never-ending urge to document every moment tempt us to give a prominent spot on the table for our smart phones,” said Craig Lister, Chief Marketing Officer at Consumer Cellular. “The 'Shot on Flip Phone' campaign seeks to rekindle our ability to live in the moment, led by our new IRIS Flip that offers everything you need in a phone, with nothing you don’t.”

The IRIS Flip is a new-to-market phone crafted with input from customers who desired a larger screen, clear buttons (including power, speaker, and emergency buttons), and voice-to-text capabilities. Featuring a spacious 3.2" screen – the largest in the market, it is tailored to meet the unique needs of Consumer Cellular's diverse customer base. The new phone offers essential online features without a constant bombardment of notifications, embodying the perfect balance of simplicity and connection which appeals to users of all ages. In fact, through a recent survey, Consumer Cellular uncovered that Boomers and Gen Zers are interested in flip phones for the same main reasons: fewer distractions, because they are easier to use, and to minimize tech dependency.

The "Shot on Flip Phone" campaign extends from Consumer Cellular’s "Freedom Calls" campaign released earlier this year, challenging stereotypes about aging and emphasizing the vibrancy of people in their 50s and beyond. As a brand that offers all customers freedom from expensive phone plans, unnecessary fees, and long-term contracts without any sacrifice in quality, "Shot on Flip Phone" also highlights the freedom that comes with options to communicate on your terms.

The Shot on Flip Phone campaign launches with media support encompassing print and out-of-home advertisements across New York City in addition to influencer content in digital and social channels. All campaign images were captured using the IRIS Flip. The IRIS Flip is available now at and through nationwide call centers. For more information or to purchase, please visit or call (888) 345-5509.

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