Wingbuddy Celebrates 10 Years of Travel Excellence

Recent Milestones and Steady Growth Propel the Company Forward

MONTREAL--()--Wingbuddy, a leading tour operator based in Montreal, is celebrating a decade of delivering exceptional travel experiences. Since its establishment in 2012, Wingbuddy has remained dedicated to simplifying travel planning, extending its services to over 50,000 satisfied customers and providing accessible options for all travelers.

Wingbuddy's remarkable journey is characterized by steadfast innovation and an unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction, which has led to consistent triple-digit growth year-over-year. Offering a diverse selection of 100+ hassle-free travel packages, Wingbuddy has empowered travelers to access extraordinary experiences across Europe, The Americas, Asia, and the Middle East.

Chris Hakim, Founder and CEO of Wingbuddy, shares his perspective on the company's journey: "At Wingbuddy, our commitment to delivering rich, hassle-free travel experiences, with customer experience at the forefront has been unwavering. Over the past decade, we've not only simplified travel planning but also expanded our horizons, technologically and geographically, to provide remarkable and easily-bookable experiences to worldwide destinations."

In a momentous step forward, Wingbuddy has recently expanded its presence into the United States, aligning with its trajectory of growth and future ambitions. The company also welcomed Michael Carfagnini as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in mid 2022 to oversee the strategic and operational planning and execution of the company, further strengthening its executive team. With over 18 years of experience in finance and operations, Michael brings a proven track record of optimizing operations and enhancing customer satisfaction across various industries.

To underscore its commitment to growth and excellence, Wingbuddy has moved to a larger, modern office space, emphasizing its dedication to creating a supportive work environment. The company is poised to increase its workforce by over 10% in the coming year, further solidifying its commitment to customer experience.

Michael Carfagnini expressed his enthusiasm for the company's achievements, saying, "Wingbuddy's remarkable growth and dedication to delivering exceptional travel solutions over the past decade is truly inspiring. It's an honor to be a part of this dynamic team and contribute to our vision of making travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone. I look forward to leveraging my experience to further enhance our industry-leading strategic initiatives and fuel our continued success as we embark on this exciting journey forward."

As Wingbuddy celebrates its 10th anniversary, it looks to the future with confidence. With a strong executive team, a new office, impressive growth, and an expanded presence in North America, Wingbuddy is well-positioned to continue its transformative journey in redefining the world of travel planning.

About Wingbuddy:

Wingbuddy is a premier tour operator in North America, reshaping travel planning with its comprehensive hassle-free packages for quick getaways, extensive adventures and everything in between. Established in 2012, Wingbuddy’s customer-centricity has transformed travel booking with the goal of making travel easy and accessible for all age groups.

Specializing in expertly crafted end-to-end international vacation packages, Wingbuddy has given over 50,000 customers the trip of a lifetime. From unique guided tours to captivating ocean and river cruises, their packages span Europe, The Americas, Asia, and the Middle East, delivering exceptional travel experiences for North Americans.

Wingbuddy’s efficiency, innovation, and emphasis on effortless travel for every customer has cemented them as a dynamic force in the industry.

Headquartered in Montréal, Wingbuddy employs 40+ customer service-obsessed travel lovers.

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Paulami Mehta


Paulami Mehta