Polar Signals Announces General Availability of Its Continuous Profiling Product

Designed to Boost Software Speed, Sharpen Incident Response, and Deliver Cost Efficiency

BERLIN--()--Today, Polar Signals unveiled the general availability of its cutting-edge product: Polar Signals Cloud. After extensive research and successful beta testing, the solution is set to transform how businesses approach software speed optimization, incident management, and cloud cost efficiency.

Polar Signals Cloud is an always-on, zero-instrumentation continuous profiling product, designed to pinpoint CPU consumption within your code and promote long-term system efficiency. It stems from the acclaimed open-source Parca project.

Polar Signals Cloud helps customers achieve:

  • Fast Software: Enhance the performance of AI workloads, APIs, websites, and other software.
  • Incident Clarity: Simplify and expedite the resolution of challenging incidents.
  • Cost Efficiency: Achieve significant savings on cloud expenses.

Exemplary Testimonials

Nikhil Benesch, CTO at Materialize, expressed, "Polar Signals Cloud has become a critical product in our software lifecycle, from informing how and where to write high-performance code in development, to understanding how it behaves in production and using it to troubleshoot performance-related incidents. Nothing else gives us detail, down to the process, thread, and line number, as actionably as Polar Signals Cloud can."

Another testimony from Dan Gillespie, CTO at Indent, reads, "By making the root cause for most performance issues painfully obvious Polar Signals Cloud lets our engineering teams skip the debate about why so they can focus on the fix."

How Does Polar Signals Cloud Work?

With the promise of no-code-change, the product assures minimal overhead and is compatible with major languages, including but not limited to C, C++, Rust, Python, Ruby, Java, Go, Erlang, Julia, Node.js, and more. Its power lies in the simplicity of deploying a single agent, eliminating the need for application code instrumentation. Built using the Linux Kernel instrumentation technology eBPF, the profiler boasts of an open-source foundation and prioritizes performance, security and privilege management.

The innovative approach allows companies to understand where server resources are spent down to the line number within seconds instead of a process that traditionally takes days to gather the right information at the right moments of time, if the knowledge of how to gather this type of information is even available in the organization at all.

In recent years, profiling has been on the rise to become a major player in software Observability, and Polar Signals has been a part of that movement since the beginning. “At Honeycomb we share Polar Signals’ belief that understanding your code is critical for driving both efficiency and innovation. Profiling is an important tool in the engineer’s observability toolkit, giving engineers a microscope to look deep into the code. We’re excited to see Polar Signals reach GA to help unlock that ability for the industry,” - Liz Fong-Jones, Field CTO, Honeycomb.


Developed in collaboration with Polar Signals’ initial customers, pricing is structured to be both predictable and comprehensible. It is priced at $50 per 10GB sent to Polar Signals Cloud per month. A fully utilized vCPU translates to an average of 0.2GB per month, or merely $1 per vCPU monthly.

At about 2.8% of the cost of a vCPU on AWS (based on the popular M5.large instance price), and customers frequently achieving double digit percentage savings, the product quickly pays for itself. For a detailed cost breakdown, explore the pricing calculator.

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About Polar Signals

Polar Signals provides innovative observability software built around the Parca open source project to help customers build high performance software, understand incidents and tame the ever growing cloud bills. Polar Signals is backed by leading investors GV, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Haystack and more. Follow Polar Signals on LinkedIn and Twitter or visit polarsignals.com.


Frederic Branczyk


Frederic Branczyk