Revyz Launches 'Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud' Addressing Critical Migration Needs Ahead of Jira Server End of Life

SAN FRANCISCO--()--Award-winning software developer, Revyz, introduces 'Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud,' a revolutionary product designed to address vital challenges as Atlassian's Jira Server support approaches its sunset in February 2024.

Jira, an indispensable tool for countless businesses globally, is on the verge of a significant transition as Atlassian ends support for Jira Server, urging users to migrate to the Jira Cloud service for ongoing needs.

However, during this transition, a pressing issue emerges - a challenge in efficiently migrating and managing configurations from the sandbox to the production environments.

Bridging the Configuration Gap in Jira Cloud Migration

As Jira Server reaches its end state, an urgent concern arises - the seamless migration of configurations. The transition to Jira Cloud introduces a critical gap, particularly in configuration management. The lack of a user-friendly configuration backup feature escalates migration risks, including production downtime, potential data corruption, and compliance challenges with established change control protocols.

Many Jira administrators, the backbone of Atlassian's ecosystem, remain at a loss for effective tools, heightening the need for a comprehensive solution.

Addressing the Gap: 'Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud'

'Revyz Configuration Manager for Jira Cloud' is set to revolutionize the transition to Jira Cloud, mitigating configuration migration risks. This no-code solution enables swift, error-free configuration migration from sandbox to production, minimizing risks and ensuring compliance with best change control practices.

"This release marks a significant milestone for Revyz as we present a solution directly addressing critical configuration management gaps in Jira Cloud migration. Our mission is to empower businesses to embrace cloud transition confidently, ensuring a smooth and risk-free migration experience," stated Sanket Parlikar, CTO at Revyz.

Proactive Solutions for a Seamless Cloud Transition

Revyz recognizes the challenges faced by Jira administrators, as well as the business and technical requirements of Atlassian to migrate its massive server user base to the cloud. In response to these challenges, Revyz has developed a comprehensive solution that alleviates the stress and pain of managing Jira Cloud configurations for administrators, while assisting Atlassian in accelerating the transition to the cloud.

About Revyz

Revyz, based in California, is focused on delivering data protection and management solutions for agile teams. Revyz is backed by Atlassian Ventures and Druva. Learn more about Revyz at, or contact



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