Indeed’s “AI at Work Report” Finds GenAI will Impact Almost Every Job in America

66% of jobs are considered “highly” or “moderately” exposed to GenAI, according to new study led by Indeed’s economic research team

AUSTIN, Texas--()--Indeed, the world’s #1 job site and a leading hiring platform, today released Indeed’s AI at Work Report, providing an in-depth look at how GenAI (generative artificial intelligence) will impact jobs and the skills needed to perform them. Led by Indeed Hiring Lab, a team of global economists, the research finds that all U.S. jobs on Indeed – from truck driver to software engineer – have skills that can be done or augmented by GenAI. However, only 1 in 5 (19.8%) of jobs on Indeed are considered “highly” exposed to GenAI, showing that while this technology can learn to do tasks within a specific job, GenAI is unlikely to fully replace many jobs.

Indeed’s AI at Work Report analyzed more than 55 million job postings on Indeed and 2,600 job skills to identify the exposure level (low/moderate/high) GenAI will have on jobs and the skills required to perform them. If GenAI was considered “good” or “excellent” at 80% or more of the skills mentioned in Indeed job postings, that job is considered highly exposed. If it was “good” or “excellent” at between 50% and less than 80% of the skills, the job faces moderate exposure. If GenAI was proficient at less than 50% of the skills, the job is considered low exposure.

Software development jobs face the highest potential exposure, with GenAI “good” or “excellent” at 95% of the skills mentioned in Indeed job postings. Driving jobs, like truck and taxi drivers, face the lowest potential exposure, with GenAI proficient at less than a third (29%) of the skills mentioned. Retail jobs fell in the middle with GenAI being effective at 57.6% of the skills.

Additional Key Findings from Indeed’s AI at Work Report:

  • 19.8% of jobs on Indeed are highly exposed, meaning GenAI is considered good or excellent at 80% or more of all skills mentioned in Indeed job postings.
  • 45.7% of jobs on Indeed are moderately exposed, meaning that GenAI can do between 50% and less than 80%
  • 34.6% of jobs on Indeed are low/minimally exposed, which means GenAI can do less than 50% of the skills
  • Software development jobs have the highest potential exposure to GenAI augmentation
    • GenAI is “good” or “excellent” at 95% of the skills in software development postings, which includes technology and business operations skills.
  • Driving jobs (like truck and taxi drivers) have the least potential impact by GenAI
    • GenAI is “good” or “excellent” at only 29% of skills in driving jobs. It’s proficient at language and communication skills, but GenAI is “poor” at vehicle operation skills.
  • While GenAI is relatively good at technical skills and jobs, it is significantly less proficient at skills and jobs that require intuition, reasoning, and/or in-person, manual work.
  • Jobs with the least potential exposure to GenAI, including driving, cleaning & sanitation, and beauty & wellness jobs, are also those with the lowest ability to be done remotely. The higher the likelihood that a job can be done remotely, the greater its potential exposure is to GenAI-driven change.

“There’s no doubt GenAI is a powerful leap in technology that will impact all jobs, particularly those within the tech sector, and the labor market as a whole,” said Svenja Gudell, Indeed’s Chief Economist. “Our research shows that GenAI is less likely to replace an entire job, but rather serve as a tool to augment or streamline parts of a job. Going forward, we’ll likely see a variety of jobs reworked and reimagined by employers, including new jobs being created over time because of GenAI’s fast-growing influence.”

Indeed Hiring Lab also published the Indeed AI Job Tracker, which shows a monthly look at the share of AI jobs within all job postings on Indeed, by country and occupational sector.

How Indeed Leverages AI to Help Job Seekers & Employers

At Indeed, AI has been a part of the company’s business foundation for more than 15 years. There are currently more than 100 AI-powered job search and hiring features across Indeed. These AI-powered features are designed to speed up the hiring process and improve matching between job seekers and employers in support of Indeed’s mission to help people get jobs.

Today, someone gets a job on Indeed every three seconds, thanks in large part to AI advancements such as personalized job recommendations, intelligent salary estimation for jobs, automatic extraction of skills from resumes and job applications, and recommendations to improve the quality of job descriptions. Recently, Indeed introduced its AI Job Description Generator to help employers automatically and instantly create high-quality, effective job descriptions for jobs they post directly on Indeed. Indeed remains committed to responsible technological advancements and has publicly published its Responsible AI principles for the ethical and beneficial use of AI at Indeed.

See Indeed’s full report, including methodology: AI at Work

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  1. Indeed data, 2022 (worldwide)