DeGirum Rolls Out ORCA Edge AI Accelerator Production Samples in ASIC and M.2 Module Formats, with Production Volume Ramp in October

DeGirum Corp - ORCA Accelerator - ASIC and M.2 Module (Graphic: Business Wire)

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--()--DeGirum Corp, a pioneer in Edge AI HW & SW solutions, is thrilled to announce the immediate availability of its ORCA (Edge AI Accelerator) production samples in ASIC and M.2 module formats. This significant milestone underscores DeGirum's commitment to driving the future of Edge AI development with flexible, scalable, and powerful HW solutions.

ORCA stands as the flagship product in DeGirum's HW solutions, a suite of versatile, efficient, and cost-effective AI accelerators that deliver on key performance metrics. The ORCA production samples, now ready for testing and evaluation, provide developers with an early opportunity to experience the power of DeGirum's advanced technology.

The innovative capabilities of the ORCA module are truly remarkable. Not only is it able to run multiple cameras seamlessly, but it also manages to execute various models in real-time. This consolidated efficiency means that users can harness extensive power and versatility from just one ORCA module, streamlining operations and maximizing performance.

"We are excited to reach this pivotal moment in our product development," said Winston Lee, CEO of DeGirum. "The ORCA production samples, available in both ASIC and M.2 module form factors, represent the culmination of our team's hard work and dedication. We are confident that these samples will demonstrate the superior performance and flexibility of our ORCA Family of products."

In addition to the ORCA production samples, DeGirum is also excited to announce that USB module samples will be available in November, providing developers with even more flexibility to test and integrate DeGirum's technology into their projects.

At the heart of DeGirum's offerings lies the DeLight Cloud Platform, a revolutionary tool that streamlines the Edge AI development process. With an encompassing suite of tools for model and device management, developers can create sophisticated AI applications with remarkable ease, leveraging the platform's simplicity and efficiency. From ML model design and application development to seamless deployment, the DeLight Cloud Platform ensures a streamlined development cycle, empowering developers to unlock the full potential of their Edge AI solutions.

"We understand the urgency of our customers' needs, and we are committed to all of our early adopters,” said Winston Lee. "The ramp-up in production volume in October ensures DeGirum’s readiness to meet the escalating demand and demonstrates our commitment to help bring their Edge AI projects to fruition."

After evaluating ORCA virtually via the DeLight Platform, developers and partners can procure production samples in either ASIC or M.2 format for local or in-product evaluation and deployment. The company is eager to continue supporting the Edge AI development community with its pioneering solutions.

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About DeGirum:

DeGirum is a leading provider of HW & SW solutions for Edge AI development. DeGirum's ORCA Family of products offers flexible, efficient, and affordable AI accelerators that exceed the most critical performance metrics. Powered by the Delight Cloud Platform, the SW solutions ecosystem simplifies, condenses, and optimizes the development cycle, spanning from ML model design and application development to the final product deployment.


Bob Porooshani
Head of Business Development

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Bob Porooshani
Head of Business Development