Aramark Sports + Entertainment Kicks Off 2023 NFL Season with Fresh Take on Game Day Eats, Service Technologies, and Retail Offerings

PHILADELPHIA--()--As anticipation for the upcoming 2023 National Football League (NFL) season reaches its peak, Aramark Sports + Entertainment (Aramark, NYSE: ARMK), the award-winning food and beverage partner at 10 NFL venues, is thrilled to announce a game-changing lineup of new offerings for football’s loyal foodies. Continuing to revolutionize how guests experience game day, Aramark has not only developed new menu items and retail offerings across its portfolio but has deployed more artificial-intelligence (AI)-powered and self-checkout technologies that make the dining experience more convenient and allow fans to savor every moment of the on-field action.

“Aramark is committed to enhancing every facet of service and hospitality on game day, and we are thrilled for fans to experience everything we have to offer this season,” said Alicia Woznicki, Vice President of Design and Development at Aramark Sports + Entertainment. “From culinary creations with flavorful ingredients to revolutionary innovations that we’ve scaled to improve efficiency and speed of service, guests will enjoy football games like never before – with increased food options, shorter wait times, and more time in their seats cheering on their team.”


After years of testing, four NFL stadiums will do away with traditional packaged beer portables and exclusively use Aramark’s game-changing, grab-and-go Walk Thru Bru markets.

Walk Thru Brus will be expanded to 70 new locations as the exclusive beer market at Acrisure Stadium, Empower Field at Mile High, Cleveland Browns Stadium, and Soldier Field. Guests who verify their age as 21+ using valid, government-issued identification (ID) can choose from a wide variety of beverages and checkout 10 times faster when paired with AI technology. After proving successful in prior season testing, including a 46% increase in transactions, Aramark’s expansion of the state-of-the-art drink markets will continue to increase speed of service, reduce congestion on the concourse, and add variety for guests.


To decrease wait times and increase speed of service, Aramark has rolled out the following:

  • Digital Age Verification: Empower Field at Mile High will pilot a frictionless purchasing experience that uses IDmission with Zippin checkout-free technology. Enrolled fans can walk up to the turnstile, have their face scanned to verify their age as 21+, select items from the store, and exit. Fans can enroll with a valid, government-issued ID, their credit card information, and a selfie.
  • Fans at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium can skip the line with a new checkout-free hot food stand powered by Zippin. Located at Kingdom Grill in Section 127, fans can shop this store using a credit card or by scanning the Zippin app at entry and selecting what they want before exiting. NRG Stadium will also introduce a checkout-free smart store in Section 548 where fans can purchase hot food and beverages.
  • Bartesian: Providing bar-quality cocktails at the push of a button, Bartesian cocktail machines will be deployed in suites, clubs, and on mobile bar carts at Cleveland Browns Stadium and U.S. Bank Stadium to serve premium cocktails to fans in less than 30 seconds per serve, after showing their valid, government-issued ID.
  • Mobile Self-Scan: Empower Field at Mile High will pilot Scan & Go at a new Mountain Pass location in Section 107 where guests can skip the line and use their mobile device to add items to their cart, then pay using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card.
  • Self-Checkout Kiosks:
    • Decreasing wait times with the touch of a few buttons, new self-checkout kiosks will now be available at Empower Field at Mile High (Fan Favs, Sections 114, 230; Drink Mkt, Section 234) and Acrisure Stadium (Drink Mkt, Section 424).
    • Acrisure Stadium will feature two new Steel City Classics locations powered by Mashgin technology that allow guests to pay and go through a touchless checkout system (Sections 515, 539).
    • As part of a large renovation project, Paycor Stadium will be adding eight self-checkout locations and eleven self-order locations powered by Tapin2 technology.
    • M&T Bank Stadium will feature a new Fan Favs Express in Section 505 with self-checkout kiosks and will introduce Raven’s Pop, where fans can fill their own buckets of popcorn with the swipe of a credit card and push of a button.


To offer fans the most desired and specialized menu items, consumer behaviors and game-day metrics are analyzed, including time of kickoff, best-selling items, and more. Data from prior years led to the creation of this season’s new culinary program, Game Time (#GameTime). A new twist on game day mealtimes, Game Time takes two signature restaurant service styles – brunch and late-night dining – and delivers timely menus for this season. For earlier kickoffs, fans can enjoy classic brunch favorites, and for evening games, fans can satisfy their late-night cravings.


  • Brunch Banh Mi (Empower Field at Mile High Stadium): Fried egg patty with pork belly, chorizo carrots, and daikon, topped with Japanese mayonnaise, siracha, and cilantro on a baguette. (Section 512)
  • Brunch Burger (Soldier Field): Beef patty topped with American cheese, hashbrowns, bacon, fried egg, caramelized onion, and maple ketchup on a potato bun. (North Marche)
  • Brunch Fry (M&T Bank Stadium): Potato fries topped with cheese curd, sausage gravy, and green onion. (Section 146)
  • Burnt Ends Breakfast (Paycor Stadium): Korean barbecue burnt ends topped with breakfast potatoes, scrambled eggs, pickled red onion, kimchi slaw, and crema. (Section 150)
  • Chicken Croissant Cone (GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium): Rolled croissant with mac and cheese, breaded chicken tenders, bacon, jalapeños, and hot honey drizzle. (Sections 112, 126)
  • Chicken Tenders Funnel Cake (Cleveland Browns Stadium): Fried funnel cake topped with breaded chicken tenders, powdered sugar, and syrup drizzle. (Section 121)
  • Crab Chimichanga (U.S. Bank Stadium): Buttered crab meat with diced tomato, Monterey Jack cheese, and green salsa in a fried tortilla. (Polaris Club)
  • Fudge Puppy Waffles (Acrisure Stadium): Handmade waffles dipped in white chocolate topped with M&M’s® and dark chocolate. (Section 129)
  • Hot Honey Chicken and Waffle (NRG Stadium): Belgian waffle and breaded chicken breast drizzled with pure hot honey. (Sections 118, 138, 506, 532)
  • Slim Chicken 2.0 (Lincoln Financial Field): Apple fritter with Frosted Flakes® fried chicken, Cooper® Sharp cheese, honey glazed bacon, cherry jam, and ghost chili. (Stand 134)


  • Cannoli Nachos (Lincoln Financial Field): Cannoli nacho chips topped with Valrhona chocolate, whipped ricotta, diced strawberries, strawberry pearls, pistachio dust, caramel sauce, espresso dirt, and topped with micro mint, lemon, and donut sugar. (Stand 134)
  • Chicken Quesadilla Burger (GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium): Chicken quesadilla buns with guacamole, beef, lettuce, and pico de gallo mayonnaise. (Sections 109, 321, 345)
  • Chipped Ham Grilled Cheese (Acrisure Stadium): Chipped ham topped with onion tanglers, crispy jalapeños, cheddar cheese, and barbecue sauce on sourdough bread. (Sections C150, 215, 239, 305)
  • Colorado Tater Keg (Empower Field at Mile High Stadium): Stuffed potato topped with pork belly, green chili, cheese, and green onion. (Section 512)
  • Crab Pretzel (M&T Bank Stadium): Salted jumbo pretzel with crab dip, southern pimento cheese, and lager mustard. (Section 146)
  • Elvis Sandwich (U.S. Bank Stadium): Sliced banana, bacon, and peanut butter on grilled sour dough bread. (Polaris Club)
  • Pizza Box Nachos (Soldier Field): House made tortilla chips topped with brisket, queso, pico de gallo, and lime crème. (North Marche)
  • Pork Belly Hoagie (Paycor Stadium): Roasted pork belly with jalapeño bacon jam, mayonnaise, pickled red onion, and cilantro on a hoagie roll. (Section 150)
  • Spicy Slaw Dog (Cleveland Browns Stadium): Grilled hot dog topped with pulled pork, coleslaw, and spicy barbecue sauce on a hot dog bun. (Section 134)


Aramark is mixing up traditional favorites and partnering with hometown restaurants to bring local flavors to the fans. A selection of these signature dishes and new concessions include:

Stadium Staples (Burgers, Hot Dogs, Tenders, Nachos, and More!):

  • Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich (Acrisure Stadium): Piled high pulled pork topped with coleslaw and crunchy potato sticks. (Sections 212, 236, 526)
  • Big Dog (Cleveland Browns Stadium): Half-pound, footlong hot dog wrapped in garlic bread. (Sections 107, 110, 129, 138)
  • CitySteak Cheesesteak (Soldier Field): Specialty cheesesteak sandwich topped with grilled onions, peppers, and provolone cheese or Tostitos® cheese. (Portable 103)
  • Hot Chicken Sandwich (GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium): Fresh hand-breaded tenders, topped with jalapeños, hot pickles, and buttermilk aioli. (Coop Stand; Sections 136, 112, 126, 303, 327)
  • Loaded Nachos (Paycor Stadium): Beef or chicken, queso Blanco, cilantro crema, and Pico de Gallo. (Nacho Tigre; Sections 122, 132, 148, 102, 308, 338)
  • Pretzel Bites (M&T Bank): Soft pretzel bites in a variety of flavors. (Various locations)
  • Souvenir Football Monster Chicken Nachos (Empower Field at Mile High): Tortilla chips topped with 505 Southwestern® Green Chiles, chili con queso, chicken tinga, pico de gallo, and sour cream, served in a football platter. (Sections 110, 116, 128, 202, 507, 511, 531)
  • Tossed Tenders (NRG Stadium): Chicken tenders tossed in sauce of choice including buffalo, parmesan garlic, or bourbon flavor. (Sections 101,118, 121,132, 138, 323, 351, 506, 520, 532, 546)
  • Tipsy Scoop (Cleveland Browns Stadium, Empower Field at Mile High): Fans can get the best of both worlds with new artisanal, hand-crafted ice cream inspired by classic and contemporary cocktails. This boozy treat is offered in Section 326 at Empower Field at Mile High and in suites at Cleveland Browns Stadium for fans who verify their age as 21+ with valid ID.
  • Wild Child Burger (U.S. Bank Stadium): Hamburger topped with cilantro slaw and gochujang sauce. (Location: All No Name Burger Stands and Retail clubs)

Restaurant Concepts:

  • Berg Hospitality (NRG Stadium): The Texas-based hospitality group will offer Italian chopped beef subs, pepperoni parmigiana subs, and mac and cheese with bacon and jalapeños. (50-Yard Line Stands on Clubs East and West)
  • Chef J BBQ (GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium): Kansas City’s local barbecue concept will offer a smoked pulled pork sandwich, barbecue brisket sandwich, loaded barbecue tots, and a barbecue Frito pie. (Section 107)
  • Donatos Pizza (Paycor Stadium): Local favorite, Donatos Pizza, debuts as the official pizza of the Cincinnati Bengals. Fans can purchase a Serious Cheese™, Mega Slice, or Pepperoni Mega Slice. (Sections 119, 130, 140, 149, 101, 110, 206, 244, 316, 303, 334, 346)
  • El Tiempo Cantina (NRG Stadium): El Tiempo Cantina’s flavors and culture of Tex Mex cuisine will debut at NRG Stadium with nachos, smoked barbeque cuernos, chili queso, and fajita tacos. (Sections 118, 138, 501 and 527)
  • Heinz Stand (Acrisure Stadium): Featuring a signature hot dog, pigskin ponchos, and A.1 cheesesteak. (Sections 129 and 511)
  • Lincoln Financial Field has partnered with Little Caesars Pizza to bring game day pies to six locations throughout the stadium.
  • Pat and Stuggs (M&T Bank Stadium): New game-day premium vendor serving gourmet burgers and duck fat fries. (Section 129)
  • Skyline Chili (Paycor Stadium): Local favorite, Skyline Chili, is the new official chili partner of the Cincinnati Bengals. (Sections 118, 140, 150, 110, 205, 245, 303, 346)
  • Smoak Craft Barbeque (GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium): Kansas City’s local barbeque concept will offer a smoked pulled pork sandwich, barbeque brisket sandwich, and loaded chilly cheese fries. (Section 316)
  • Smoke ‘N Sizzle (Paycor Stadium): New barbeque Concept will offer a smoked pulled pork sandwich, and brisket sandwich, along with Game Time offerings. (Section 150)
  • Taco Love (M&T Bank Stadium): New partnership with local favorite restaurant Taco Love serving tacos, margaritas, and queso. (Section 150)
  • Trill Burgers (NRG Stadium): Houston’s acclaimed, homegrown Smashburger concept from legendary rapper Bun B will serve its signature burgers and fries using self-checkout technology. (Various locations)
  • U.S. Bank Stadium has partnered with several local restaurants to bring hometown flavors to Vikings fans. These include:
    • Gallant Tiger: Featuring gourmet, crustless peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that are guaranteed to bring nostalgia. (Section 129)
    • Union Hmong Kitchen: Offering homemade and Thai-inspired dishes with choices like the Meeka Burger, Banh Mi Brat, and Hot Tots. (Section 111)
    • Soul Bowl (U.S. Bank Stadium): Soul food including Rude Boi Chicken and Waffles, Country Grammar Bowl, Caribe Bowl, Donut Peach Cobbler, and Queen B Lemonade. (Section 317)
    • Nashville Coop (U.S. Bank Stadium): Serving Nashville-style hot chicken tenders and fries. (Section 121)
    • Parlour Bar (U.S. Bank Stadium): Headlined by its famous Smashburger (Section 118)


Aramark worked alongside its partners at Empower Field at Mile High, GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, and NRG Stadium to upgrade team store locations with everything from new merchandise collections to completely new and expanded spaces.

Empower Field at Mile High has expanded its store by 3,000 square feet to include larger checkout areas. At GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium, fans can purchase a coveted three-foot-tall NFL player bobblehead complete with a replica Super Bowl LVII ring (while supplies last) or shop from a new walk-in Chiefs Pro Shop located in Section 324. Houston Texans fans at NRG Stadium can get their hands on the new retail line “H-Town Made Collection,” along with special drops from local Houston collaborators throughout the season.

PHOTOS: A selection of NFL menu items can be downloaded here.

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