Revolutionizes Sales with Groundbreaking AI Assistant: Now Companies Can Leverage AI to Generate More Revenue by Increasing Productivity by Up to 33%


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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--() today unveiled OtterPilot™ for Sales, an AI sales assistant that will transform how sales teams operate and help them close more deals and generate more revenue more efficiently.

Recent data shows sales reps spend most of their time on tedious, non-selling activities like note-taking and data entry in CRMs. OtterPilot for Sales changes all that - and early customers, like Laura Brown, VP of Sales at Aiden Technologies, confirm OtterPilot is a game-changer, estimating it has saved her reps 33% in time.

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, OtterPilot for Sales acts as a supercharged sidekick for every member of the sales team. For sales reps, it joins calls automatically to take perfect notes while instantly syncing key Sales Insights into CRM systems, including Salesforce - freeing them to focus on building relationships. For sales leaders and sales ops, Otter gives new and enhanced visibility into their sales pipeline so they can monitor and coach reps in real time from anywhere and create better revenue forecasts based on customer sentiment.

OtterPilot for Sales features include:

  • Automated Sales Call Notes - Sales Reps can say goodbye to tedious tasks like note-taking when OtterPilot auto-joins sales calls as the team's note-taker. Its real-time AI-powered transcription is highly accurate, freeing reps to focus on what matters.
  • AI-powered Sales Insights - Using AI, OtterPilot extracts the key Sales Insights from calls automatically - including Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeline (BANT).
  • Automatic Sync to Salesforce (and later Hubspot) - Sales Reps save time when OtterPilot automatically syncs Sales Insights directly into the CRM, eliminating manual data entry. Sales leaders and ops get real-time access to insights, too.
  • Otter AI Chat - Everyone on the sales team can collaborate and respond quickly to customer questions using Otter AI Chat, a sidekick that can answer questions about a call, write a follow-up email, and even summarize the customer’s sentiment. During the call, sales managers can use Otter AI Chat to message sales reps without even joining the call.
  • Centrally Organized Customer Call Notes - Sales Ops can keep everyone aligned when customer call notes and insights are centrally organized into folders accessible to the entire team. It also provides an easy way for Sales Leaders to review multiple calls at once as they are happening and drop in and coach their reps in real time via Otter AI Chat.

"We know that sales teams are challenged in today’s environment to drive more revenue with fewer resources,” said Sam Liang, co-founder and CEO of “OtterPilot for Sales is built with this in mind - so that sales organizations can benefit from AI to streamline their workflow, close more deals, and increase revenue.”

OtterPilot for Sales is available for sales teams using Otter’s web app or mobile apps - allowing reps and sales leaders to access Otter wherever they may be. The Otter mobile apps are especially convenient when traveling, meeting in person, or multitasking at the office or home.

"Otter’s innovation in AI and its exceptional ability to capture, understand, and harness the power of conversations no matter where or how they take place gives it a distinctive edge in the sales space,” said Greg Holmes, Otter advisor and former CRO at Zoom who took the company to IPO in 2019. “OtterPilot for Sales will use this AI edge to empower entire sales teams to fine-tune their strategies with data-backed insights, foster deeper client relationships, and close deals with unmatched speed."

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With over 1B meetings transcribed, is the world’s leading tool for meeting transcription, summarization, and collaboration. Using artificial intelligence, Otter generates real-time automated meeting notes, summaries, and other insights from in-person and virtual meetings - turning meetings into accessible, collaborative, and actionable data that can be shared across teams and organizations. The company is backed by early investors in Google, DeepMind, Zoom, and Tesla.


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