The Chinese Lion City Cangzhou Makes Debut at Venice Film Festival

The famous Chinese Lion City Cangzhou made its debut in the "Beautiful Shooting Places" section of "Focus on China" unit at Venice Film Festival on 31st August 2023 in Venice. (Photo: Business Wire)

VENICE, Italy--()--The 80th Venice Film Festival (VFF) kicked off on the evening of Aug. 30, with filmmakers from all over the world competing for the Golden Lion Award, while Cangzhou, the Chinese “Lion City”, made a special debut in the "Beautiful Shooting Places" section of the “Focus on China” event at the festival held on the 31st.

Established in 953, the Iron Lion of Cangzhou is the largest known and oldest surviving iron-cast artwork in China. It is 5.78 meters high, 5.34 meters long, and 3.17 meters wide.

"Today, we are connected together across the Eurasian continent, and on the occasion of the 2023 VFF, we are proud to promote Cangzhou’s cultural and touristic glamour, to meet friends and build bridges together," Mr. Xiang Hui, Mayor of Cangzhou, said through a video message. "Cangzhou has a long history and a profound cultural heritage, with more than 1500 years of history, it nurtured the Grand Canal and Bohai Sea culture, it is renowned as the hometown of martial arts, acrobatics, jujube and pear, as well as ancient casting techniques."

"Cangzhou, like Venice, is also a city nourished by canals. The China’s Grand Canal, listed among the UNESCO heritage sites, runs through the city and meanders for 216 kilometers," Xiang continued. "If the Grand Canal is the cultural cradle of Cangzhou, then martial arts and acrobatics are its unique cultural treasures. Cangzhou is the first city in China to receive the honor of 'Hometown of Martial Art’ thanks to its rich collection of martial art styles.”

Roberto Stabile, Internationalization Advisor and Head of Special Projects at the Directorate General of Cinema and Audiovisuals of the Italian Ministry of Culture, said in his speech, "I am very glad to see the promotion of Cangzhou at this year's event. Cangzhou's beautiful cityscape and deep cultural heritage are very impressive. I hope that more people will know about Cangzhou."

As an exciting part of the event, Jia Yimin, a Cangzhou-born martial artist from GuFengTang Italian branch, performed a wonderful martial arts, which impressed the people onsite very much.

“This event is amazing, I do have great interest in Cangzhou and I am looking forward to visiting Cangzhou soon, for its natural landscape, local food, culture, and perhaps taking advantage to learn some Chinese Kungfu,” said Dia Maria.