Best Employee Retention Credit Agencies (2023): Top ERC Services for Businesses Reviewed by Better Business Advice

NEW YORK--()--US–Better Business Advice, a leading authority in business consultancy, is proud to present its list of the top Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) companies as of September 2023. The list showcases their top picks for businesses seeking professional guidance in calculating and claiming ERC tax rebates.

Best ERC Agencies:

Bottomline Concepts and Omega Tax Credits are the top two companies that have earned Better Business Advice's highest recommendations for their outstanding ERC services. Both firms have demonstrated expertise in helping businesses navigate the intricate process of determining and securing their maximum eligible ERC tax credits from the IRS, which can amount to as much as $26,000 per employee.

Bottomline Concepts, the top choice for medium-sized and large businesses, has garnered the trust of multiple Fortune 1000 companies. Their remarkable track record in obtaining ERC grants speaks volumes as they have secured over $1.2 billion in ERC funds to date. Additionally, they don’t charge upfront fees.

The firm specializes in aiding businesses that meet the eligibility criteria for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). This includes companies that have received PPP loans, as well as those that went through a decline in revenue and full or partial suspension of operations due to governmental orders. They specialize in maximizing the tax credit amount received by businesses that they work with.

Businesses can visit Bottomline Concepts’ website, complete a brief quiz for eligibility and schedule an ERC call with one of their representatives to work with the firm.

Omega Tax Credits stands out for their swift application process while ensuring compliance and accuracy. They also offer ERC bridge loans for businesses in need of immediate financial relief while waiting for their ERC tax rebates - the estimated tax rebate can be calculated using their ERC calculator. In addition to their ERC services, Omega Tax Credits also offers a variety of financial services and accounting solutions.

Filling out the form on Omega’s website and scheduling a 10-minute call to determine eligibility will kickstart the ERC claim. Omega's expert team will calculate the total ERC tax credit amount and facilitate the filing process on the business’ behalf.

For a more in-depth review of these ERC service providers and additional insights into their offerings, please visit the Better Business Advice website.

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Andrew Mathews

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Better Business Advice is proud to present its list of the top Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC) companies as of September 2023


Andrew Mathews