Madrag Enriches Internal Communications and Employee Satisfaction With Opterus

Using Opterus’ social collaboration app Holler, the retailer has boosted employee morale and retention in a fast-paced, high turnover industry

TORONTO--()--Opterus, the leading provider of cost-effective, cloud store communications and task management solutions, today announced the successful implementation of its social collaboration app Holler at Madrag, a privately owned and operated fashion retailer. With Opterus, Madrag has improved store communications between headquarters, store managers and front-line employees across its 100 locations.

Having previously relied on email for communications and employee management, Madrag sought a one-stop platform for all communication and tasks in a retailer’s organization, from corporate headquarters to the store level. After successfully implementing Opterus’ OPSCENTER in 2020, Madrag looked to Opterus for an additional solution to enhance internal communications and make processes even more efficient.

Opterus’ Holler is a complimentary social collaboration app built for retail organizations, providing a secure environment for communications and task management. With Holler, Madrag now has an established, direct line of communication between headquarters, stores and employees and a centralized and data-safe dashboard for tasks, activities and updates.

“To attract and retain employees in this volatile retail market, companies have the obligation to encourage comradery and teamwork at all levels,” said Tina Adosci, senior manager, operations, Madrag. “Here at Madrag, we all work together, no matter someone’s title or level. We’ve found working with Opterus to be a win-win: using Holler has helped us boost morale and create a bond between our team members, which also helps retain staff.”

With Holler, all employees can communicate and share news or status updates via chat and news feeds. Users can connect in personal or group chats and like or comment on posts. Additional features on the Holler app include:

  • Added data security for store employees who are sharing company information, compared to non-approved chat and sharing apps
  • Multiple news feeds for sharing news and status updates by level, such as company-wide, district, region or department feeds
  • Options to set permission controls and create custom communication guidelines

“Turnover in the retail industry has always been a challenge, which is why one of Opterus’ goals is to give retailers the tools they need to attract and retain employees,” said Gary Stonell, SVP of sales and operations, Opterus. “Madrag has done an excellent job at making associates feel valued through collaboration and communication. Communication on social networks has long been the norm, but retailers have been faced with the challenge of keeping company data and information private and secure. With a company-endorsed app such as Holler, retailers like Madrag can encourage and improve communication among employees in a closed environment.”

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About Madrag

Madrag is the ultimate fashion destination when you’re searching for the hottest, on-trend styles at the absolute lowest prices. We satisfy everyone’s fashion cravings, regardless of shape, personal style or gender. We’re here to serve and fit our loyal customers unique, funky and fearless looks. We see the trends and stock our shelves daily with a curate selection of new pieces to bring you exclusive collections of ready-to-wear, right off the runway club wear, sportswear, shoes, lingerie and accessories…All for the budget minded customer.

About Opterus Inc.

Opterus Inc. is a leading global provider of a cost-effective, easy-to-implement store information and execution management solution that increases productivity and improves retail enterprise communications. Opterus’ OPSCENTER software is an on-demand, web-based retail portal designed to communicate corporate policy and day-to-day objectives between corporate office and store locations. Deployed in over 45 countries in 30 different languages, the solution is specifically designed for retail operations, and provides store personnel with clear, concise and timely direction, along with the proper tools to best do their jobs to support corporate initiatives. Opterus is based in Toronto, Ontario. For additional information, visit


Katherine Bingham
Ketner Group Communications (for Opterus)


Katherine Bingham
Ketner Group Communications (for Opterus)