Elements Launches Ambassador Program

Brandon Galici, Emlen Miles-Mattingly, Eric Rodriguez and Becky Walsh join as initial advisor evangelists

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Elements, a modern growth platform that helps financial planning firms demonstrate their value faster, today announced a new ambassador program. As part of this initiative, selected ambassadors will champion the cause, guiding more advisors to explore the benefits of Elements. Spearheading the program as inaugural ambassadors are Brandon Galici, owner of Galici Financial; Emlen Miles-Mattingly, owner of Gen Next Wealth; Eric Rodriguez, founder of WealthBuilders LLC; and Becky Walsh, owner of Oak Maple Finance.

After integrating Elements into their practices, these advisors reported that a multitude of their clients derived benefit from the platform. Walsh finds that Elements is particularly helpful for two specific groups within her clientele: those with simpler financial landscapes and fewer assets, and those who, despite having considerable assets, have concerns about outlasting their wealth. For the latter, Walsh is able to provide a rough estimate of how many years their assets might last, which offers them a degree of comfort. For the former, less complex clients, Elements acts as a straightforward guide for their financial journey, allowing Walsh to address their questions in a timely manner.

She remarked: “This is the first new approach to financial planning that I’ve really encountered since I entered the field in 2005. Elements’ solution is rooted in reality and timeliness, which is more concrete and oftentimes more helpful than future projections.”

The ambassador initiative seeks to introduce fellow advisors to a new method of providing financial planning that swiftly showcases value to prospects and clients. Furthermore, it highlights how this innovative approach supports more cost-effective service models and attracts next-generation clients in search of a modern client experience.

Clients and prospects can effortlessly input their basic financial details into the user-friendly Elements mobile app. Advisors then utilize this data in conjunction with 12 essential financial indicators to facilitate meaningful conversations.

"I'm convinced that no other tool showcases advisors’ value as effectively as Elements," said Miles-Mattingly. By participating in local chamber of commerce functions and sharing the Elements app link with attendees, Miles-Mattingly acquired six prospective clients after just two events.

Participants in the Elements ambassador program are chosen due to their enthusiasm for the platform and are compensated with equity grants. Their responsibilities within the program include:

  • Meeting with advisors who are thinking about using Elements
  • Participating in product feedback sessions
  • Participating in customer workshops and webinars
  • Evangelizing at industry events; and
  • Writing case studies about their experiences.

“We’re on a mission to change the world and, given the heft of this lofty goal, we could use as much assistance as possible from the advisors who are growing their practices alongside us,” said Reese Harper, CFP, Elements’ chief executive officer. "Anyone familiar with Elements knows of our passion for making financial services more accessible to all. We are immensely grateful for our exceptional ambassadors who assist us in amplifying this message."

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About Elements

Elements is financial assessment software for financial professionals to demonstrate their value quickly and get new clients. Financial professionals use Elements to accelerate their business development activities (email, referrals, webinars, workshops, social media) and scale their impact beyond traditional limits. Elements distills the complexity of a potential client’s financial life into simple, comparable, financial ratios that expose the value of professional guidance in a fraction of time. For more, visit getelements.com.



Allie Zendrian