Engageware Acquires Aivo, Extending Leadership Position as the Only Comprehensive, Customer Engagement Platform Powered by Conversational & Generative AI

Market leader acquires conversational AI innovator – providing organizations a comprehensive customer engagement platform that automates customer service, reduces call center workload, and improves customer experience

BOSTON--()--Engageware, the market leader in cloud-based customer engagement software, today announced the acquisition of Aivo, a globally recognized leader and innovator in conversational and generative AI technology. The acquisition extends Engageware’s platform capabilities to help financial institutions, wealth and asset management firms, insurance brokers and other enterprises automate customer service, reduce call center workload, increase sales and improve operational efficiencies. Engageware’s platform provides significant ROI to its clients by helping to solve customers’ needs in the first interaction. The acquisition of Aivo reinforces Engageware’s commitment to innovation and to delivering exceptional solutions to organizations seeking to meet their customers anywhere in their customer journey and improving customer satisfaction leading to increased sales and higher retention.

"We are thrilled to welcome Aivo to the Engageware family," said Nina Vellayan, Chief Executive Officer at Engageware. "It is essential that organizations leverage technology to improve customer experiences, drive operational efficiency, automate customer service, and reduce workload for call center employees. In a world where consumers have become accustomed to fast-paced, on-demand services, they expect immediate access to pertinent information and instant responses to their inquiries. By integrating Aivo’s products into Engageware’s customer engagement platform, we help organizations deliver accurate and instantaneous information to their customers, no matter the channel.”

Engageware is the only purpose-built customer engagement SaaS platform offering a comprehensive suite of self-serve and employee knowledge management solutions, intelligent appointment scheduling, and analytics, including client satisfaction tracking, all powered by conversational AI. Engageware’s platform enables companies to build stronger connections, increase conversions and foster long-lasting relationships. With a 20-year history of providing exceptional support and consultation to financial institutions, the company possesses an acute understanding of the stringent regulatory demands governing customer and employee knowledge management data. The effectiveness of conversational and generative AI resides in the data's quality. Engageware’s knowledge management solutions ensure data is meticulously managed, thereby ensuring accurate and up-to-date responses to customers via any channel.

Aivo was founded in 2012 in Argentina as an innovator in artificial intelligence-driven solutions for enterprise customer engagement. It has deep customer relationships across fintech and banking, telecom and retail. Aivo has been recognized in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI, and the company is a Meta Business Partner.

Together with Aivo, Engageware will serve more than 700 enterprise customers with its customer engagement suite. It is the leading comprehensive SaaS platform for customer engagement for its target customers.

With more than 300 third party integrations, as well as the capability to enable bespoke integrations, companies are enabled to use Engageware’s comprehensive customer engagement platform to resolve customer needs in the first interaction through any channel, including SMS, website content, Meta’s social media products including WhatsApp, mobile, IVR, video banking, and in-person or online appointments – placing consumers in the driver’s seat of their own customer journeys.

“I’m thrilled to have Aivo join forces with the leader in U.S. customer engagement in Engageware. Aivo has already helped hundreds of companies automate their customer interactions with artificial intelligence,” said Martin Frascaroli, CEO & Founder of Aivo. “Now, with Engageware’s reach and strength in the U.S. market, we are able to provide that to thousands more. Customers want personalized experiences and instant resolution. We are confident that joining Engageware will further our combined mission of revolutionizing how organizations help their customers address their needs globally.”

Engageware’s end-to-end platform enables its clients with a holistic view of their customers’ journey, synchronizes seamless channel handoffs (for example, conversational chat to live agent transfer to appointment scheduling) and provides data and analytics to inform strategic business decisions.

“Clearhaven Partners is pleased to continue to support Engageware through its acquisition of Aivo. Aivo’s AI driven software is a strong match for Engageware’s strategic product priorities, and Aivo’s solutions fit perfectly within Engageware’s customer engagement software suite to drive even greater value for customers,” commented Michelle Noon, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Clearhaven Partners, Engageware’s private equity sponsor. “Engageware has long been a leader in customer engagement software. The acquisition of Aivo signifies Engageware’s continued commitment to delivering leading innovative solutions for customers.”

For more information, please visit https://engageware.com/aivo.

About Engageware

Engageware is the only comprehensive provider of customer engagement solutions, enabling businesses and organizations to resolve their customers’ needs at the first interaction. Engageware’s end-to-end customer engagement platform is powered by conversational and generative AI to automate responses to routine questions, provide instant access to knowledge bases, and give organizations a holistic view of the customer journey. With the acquisition of Aivo, more than 700 organizations in the banking, financial services, retail, health, and education sectors rely on Engageware’s solutions to drive growth with increased sales and conversion, improve multi-channel customer experience, automate customer service, and reduce call center workload. Engageware’s platform allows synchronous channel handoffs and robust data and analytics to inform strategic business decisions that drive growth, efficiency, and stronger customer relationships. Engageware is a portfolio company of Clearhaven Partners. To learn more, visit engageware.com or follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Aivo

Aivo is a global company founded in Argentina in 2012, specializing in automated conversational journeys powered by Artificial Intelligence for the business sector. To date, it has more than 200 clients and over 150 million user conversations. Aivo operates in the Americas and Europe.


Allyson Holbrook, VP Marketing Engageware

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Engageware Acquires Aivo, Extending Leadership Position as Only Comprehensive, Customer Engagement Platform Powered by Conversational & Generative AI


Allyson Holbrook, VP Marketing Engageware