Varnish Software Helps Broadcasters and Telcos Reclaim Control of Content Delivery with Latest Updates to Varnish Enterprise 6

Advanced CDN Solutions Provide Greater Efficiency, Reduce Complexity and Maximize Performance When Migrating to Streaming-First Distribution

Varnish Software Helps Broadcasters and Telcos Reclaim Control of Content Delivery with Latest Updates to Varnish Enterprise 6 (Graphic: Business Wire)

LOS ANGELES--()--As the video landscape evolves, broadcasters, telcos and CSPs face increasing challenges in delivering content efficiently and effectively. Varnish Software, a leader in caching, streaming and content delivery software solutions, has responded to this growing demand with the latest enhancements to Varnish Enterprise 6, helping organizations navigate the complexities and gain greater control over their content delivery.

The shift from traditional broadcasting to streaming, coupled with the need to leverage existing infrastructure, are driving factors behind the need for more flexible and scalable Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). These challenges are further exacerbated by growing demand for live events, like sports, where low latency streaming and efficient management of unpredictable traffic surges are crucial.

However, the adoption and management of CDNs brings its own set of challenges. These range from having limited expertise, to orchestrating changes without disruptions, integrating with existing systems and more.

Recent updates to Varnish Enterprise 6, the industry’s most feature-rich web cache and HTTP accelerator, include the new Massive Storage Engine (MSE 4) and updated Traffic Router, which aim to address these emerging challenges. Major telcos and broadcasters worldwide have swiftly adopted these enhancements to optimize and augment their content delivery, from origin to the edge.

"Skyrocketing demand for more content and digital experiences has placed an immense burden on broadcasters and telcos, who require efficient distribution without extensive new hardware investments,” said Adrian Herrera, CMO, Varnish Software. “Optimizing through software is the answer. Varnish Enterprise 6 is constantly evolving to enable more efficient distribution, reduced complexity and future-proof operations with greater control over content.”

Many leading broadcasters and telcos rely on Varnish Software to support their migration from linear to streaming distribution. RTÉ, for example, uses Varnish Enterprise 6 to power flexible live and on-demand video streaming, while future-proofing its HD and potential UHD delivery capabilities.

Since deploying Varnish, RTÉ was able to minimize backend storage reads and maximize cache efficiency, allowing it to support greater traffic volumes at higher bitrates without additional hardware. In addition, RTÉ has found many unique creative use cases for Varnish Enterprise 6, which have helped rapidly implement new features and capabilities. For example, RTÉ is using Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) to integrate dynamic ad insertion, customizing responses based on client requests.

Tele2, a Swedish telecom operator with multinational operations, leveraged Varnish Enterprise when migrating its entire video distribution to streaming TV, enhancing the appeal of its triple play offering (TV, Phone and broadband). This massive undertaking involved replacing 500,000+ STBs and implementing a private CDN with Varnish Enterprise.

With Varnish, Tele2 was able to increase its redundancy without investing in additional hardware. In particular, the Varnish Traffic Router ensured traffic could be automatically rerouted when any location went down, guaranteeing true resilience in the face of unexpected traffic spikes.

"Digital content is undergoing a profound transformation, accompanied by evolving audience demand for more immersive live and on-demand experiences,” said Tilly Gilbert, Director, Consulting and Edge Practice Lead, STL Partners. “Amidst this shift, we’re seeing a rapidly escalating need for new solutions that make managing content delivery at the edge more efficient, flexible and less complex. The use of Varnish Software by telcos and content providers is a great example of this trend.”

Learn more about Varnish Software’s collaboration with RTÉ here, and more about their work with Tele2 here.

Demonstrations based on these projects, and more, will be given during IBC at Varnish’s booth #5.B37 in Hall 5.

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Varnish Software Responds to Increased Challenges in Delivering Content Efficiently & Effectively with Latest Enhancements to Varnish Enterprise 6.


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