Suncrest Hospice Becomes the Inaugural Adopter of the Hospice Dynamix / MatrixCare Integration Partnership

MEMPHIS, Tenn.--()--Hospice Dynamix, a leading provider of innovative predictive analytical software solutions for the hospice care industry, announced today Suncrest Home Health and Hospice as the inaugural adopter of the recently publicized integration partnership with MatrixCare.

Suncrest Hospice, which serves patients across 12 states, can now leverage the Hospice Dynamix Predictive Analytics platform to optimize organizational health while reallocating resources to focus on an enhanced care experience for their patients and families.

“Hospice Dynamix gives a lens into the future of our census with their dynamic Length of Stay predictions,” said Anne Nisley, VP of Clinical Operations Suncrest Hospice. “By providing a comprehensive and real-time view of Medicare revenue projections, including automated Medicare Cap Projections, referral source benchmarking, and enhanced compliance optics, the integration with Hospice Dynamix will empower us with the necessary tools to make informed decisions, enhance revenue utilization and educate referral sources on appropriate identification of hospice patients.”

“We are thrilled with our partnership with the team at Suncrest and eager to see the impact of these groundbreaking tools. The incredible interest and adoption of Hospice Dynamix machine learning sets the stage for improved organizational health across the hospice landscape,” said Drew Bringhurst, Chief Commercial Officer for Hospice Dynamix. “The Hospice Dynamix and Suncrest partnership illustrates the need for Predictive Data Driven insights in our industry.”

About Hospice Dynamix

Founded by former hospice owners and operators, Hospice Dynamix is the first decision intelligence software that designates a Predicted Length of Stay (PLOS) for every patient from admission through the end of life. The Hospice Dynamix mission is to provide innovative, technology-based solutions that inform providers of their financial and operational risks and eliminate inefficient and ineffective methods. Leveraging proprietary real-time, automated predictive analytics, we offer solutions that empower healthcare providers with BETTER information to make BETTER decisions and provide BETTER results.

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About Suncrest

As a leader in hospice care around the nation, Suncrest cares deeply about providing the highest quality care to both its patients and their families. By building a team of the most qualified, compassionate, and talented professionals, we are able to go above and beyond the standard services often associated with Hospice, Home Health, and Palliative care. As our greatest asset, our team is passionate about what they do and constantly strive to enhance their personal growth and education, and character.

By creating customized care plans for each of our patients, we are able to ensure maximum comfort, dignity, emotional and physical care on their end-of-life journeys. We believe everyone has the right to enjoy life as much as possible, for as long as possible. The Suncrest team works tirelessly to help our patients and their families to make the most out of every remaining moment.

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Jared King