UCIe™ (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express™) Consortium Releases its 1.1 Specification

Key highlights:

  • UCIe continues to gain momentum with its 1.1 specification release, delivering valuable improvements that extend reliability mechanisms, provide enhancements for the automotive industry, enable lower cost implementations, and establish compliance and interoperability testing specifications.
  • UCIe Consortium establishes a new Automotive Working Group to address automotive industry needs.
  • The UCIe 1.1 Specification is now available to the public.

BEAVERTON, Ore.--()--Today, the UCIe Consortium announced the public release of UCIe™ (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express™) 1.1 Specification to deliver valuable improvements in the chiplet ecosystem, extending reliability mechanisms to more protocols and supporting broader usage models. Additional enhancements are included for automotive usages – such as predictive failure analysis and health monitoring – and enabling lower-cost packaging implementations. The specification also details architectural specification attributes to define system setups and registers that will be used in test plans and compliance testing to ensure device interoperability. The UCIe 1.1 Specification is fully backward compatible with the UCIe 1.0 Specification.

“UCIe Consortium is living up to its mission and establishing a vibrant chiplet ecosystem as the industry musters around UCIe technology,” said Dr. Debendra Das Sharma, chairman, UCIe Consortium. “The UCIe 1.1 Specification was developed by leaders in the industry to advance the chiplet ecosystem and address significant demand for full stack streaming protocol enhancements. We’re proud of the progress this release represents toward realizing our vision and our underlying efforts to establish a chiplet ecosystem by developing a robust compliance program.”

Highlights of the UCIe 1.1 Specification:

  • Enhancement for automotive includes runtime health monitoring and repair for high reliability applications
  • New usages for streaming protocols with full UCIe stack, including simultaneous multiprotocol support with end-to-end link layer functionality
  • Cost optimization for advanced packaging resulting from new bump maps
  • Enhancements for compliance testing

The UCIe 1.1 Specification is available to the public by request at www.uciexpress.org/specification.

Based on significant market demand from the automotive industry for chiplets built around UCIe technology, the UCIe Consortium is pleased to announce the formation of a new Automotive Working Group. UCIe Consortium Contributor members alongside leadership have already launched this new working group, beginning the development of protocol enhancements for runtime health monitoring and repair.

Meet UCIe Experts at Flash Memory Summit (FMS)

The UCIe Consortium will present a UCIe tutorial session introducing the new features found in the UCIe 1.1 specification at FMS, on August 8, from 1:00 – 5:00 pm PT, in Room 207 at the Santa Clara Convention Center. FMS attendees are also invited to visit the UCIe kiosk within the Open Standards Pavilion on the exhibitor show floor from August 7-10. View the full FMS agenda for detailed information on exhibition schedule and UCIe presentations.


  • UCIe 1.1 Specification
  • UCIe Consortium member statement of support
  • UCIe 1.1 White Paper

About UCIe™ Consortium

The UCIe Consortium is an industry consortium dedicated to advancing UCIe™ (Universal Chiplet Interconnect Express™) technology, an open industry standard that defines the interconnect between chiplets within a package, enabling an open chiplet ecosystem and ubiquitous interconnect at the package level. UCIe Consortium is led by key industry leaders Advanced Semiconductor Engineering, Inc. (ASE), Alibaba, AMD, Arm, Google Cloud, Intel Corporation, Meta, Microsoft Corporation, NVIDIA, Qualcomm Incorporated, Samsung Electronics, and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. For more information, visit www.UCIexpress.org.


Rachael Watson, Nereus for UCIe Consortium


Rachael Watson, Nereus for UCIe Consortium