Alder Packaging Embarks on a Collaborative Partnership with the New WWP Beauty, Absorbing a Portion of US Packaging Business from WWP LLC

LOS ANGELES--()--Alder Packaging, a leading provider of sustainable beauty packaging solutions, is delighted to announce the establishment of a collaborative partnership with the new WWP Beauty. The new WWP Beauty represents the Suzhou & Taicang manufacturing facilities recently purchased by AMPAC Ltd. This strategic alliance creates a factory direct pipeline for sustainable innovation to Alder’s expanding customer base.

Alder has been recognized for their commitment to superior service and unrivaled packaging expertise, and their collaborative partnership with the new WWP Beauty will accelerate access to innovation within responsible packaging manufacturing. Alder has been pushing to transform the industry’s eco-consciousness and will leverage this partnership to move their customers forward. To further support this partnership, Alder has grown their team to include Tamar Gezalyan and Anthony Montalbano heading up West Coast and East Coast sales respectively.

"We would like to respectfully announce that our company is launching this dynamic partnership with the new WWP Beauty," stated Jerome Fraillon, CEO of Alder Packaging. "It is an immense honor to support WPP’s esteemed customers through this transition and embark on this exciting journey together. We are committed to delivering unparalleled service and environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for all ongoing and upcoming projects."

The collaborative partnership between Alder Packaging and the new WWP Beauty represents an exciting chapter in the beauty industry's sustainability journey. Together, they envision a future where beauty products and packaging align seamlessly with environmental responsibility.

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About Alder Packaging

Alder Packaging was founded by industry veterans Jerome Fraillon and Sarah Sommer in Los Angeles in 2022. Alder Packaging meets the need for quality, cost-effective packaging for health and beauty products that puts sustainability first. Alder product offerings span across all product formats and fit brands of any size. Alders team acts as trend experts and packaging guides for their clients.

About the new WWP Beauty

Reborn in 2023, the new WWP Beauty represents both WWP Suzhou and WWP Taicang manufacturing facilities led by William Jiang. The new WWP Beauty is committed to creating beauty with purpose through engaging local communities, fostering employee empowerment, and collaborating with customers to move sustainability forward. The new WWP Beauty offers innovation across all beauty categories paired with superior quality.


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