Sleep Number Launches its Biggest Sale of the Year for Labor Day

All next generation Sleep Number ® smart beds on sale, offering temperature benefits and starting at $999

Today, Sleep Number announced its Biggest Sale of the Year will begin on August 8. All Sleep Number smart beds will be on sale, which are designed to help sleepers get their best sleep and support their body’s changing needs over time. (Photo: Business Wire)

MINNEAPOLIS--()--Today, Sleep Number Corporation (Nasdaq: SNBR), a wellness technology leader, announced its Biggest Sale of the Year will begin on August 8. All Sleep Number smart beds will be on sale, which are designed to help sleepers get their best sleep and support their body’s changing needs over time. Plus, 94% of Sleep Number® smart bed sleepers report better sleep quality vs a non-smart bed.*

Highlights of science-backed innovations that will be on sale during Sleep Number’s Biggest Sale of the Year, include:

All Smart Beds on Sale, Including:

  • Save 50% on the Sleep Number 360® Limited Edition smart bed
    Sleep Number’s Limited Edition smart bed is plush, temperature balancing and effortlessly comfortable. The smart bed features pressure-relieving layers, adjustable comfort and firmness on each side and personalized insights to help each sleeper improve their sleep over time.
  • On sale for the first time, the next gen Sleep Number c2 smart bed (Queen size) available for only $999
    Sleep Number’s latest smart beds, which all offer temperature benefits, effortlessly monitor personal health and wellness data and actively adjust firmness to help sleepers get their best sleep and realize their full potential through every life stage.
  • Save $1,000 on the Sleep Number Climate360® smart bed
    With 80% of couples reporting one or both partners sleep too hot or cold**, the Climate360 smart bed is the only smart bed that actively cools, warms, and effortlessly responds to both sleepers.*** And, sleepers get up to 44 minutes more restful sleep per night with the Climate360 smart bed.

BOGO 50% Off All Pillows and 20% Off Select Bedding

  • BOGO Free PlushComfort™ pillows, available in three shapes to fit the way each individual sleeps, including Classic for stomach or back sleepers, Curved for side or back sleepers and Ultimate for all sleeping positions.
  • 20% off select bedding, including the temperature balancing True Temp Sheet Set, which absorbs excess heat to cool the body and releases it to warm the sleeper and keep them comfortable throughout the night.

30% Off All Furniture

  • Includes the new Sleep Number® Lifestyle Furniture collection, designed to support sleepers’ unique needs through life by creating a personalized sleep environment. The collection offers smart solutions designed to help each individual sleep and wake with ease, including ambient lighting on the back of the headboard to support one’s circadian rhythm; individual reading lights that adjust in color and intensity and rotate; built-in, individual speakers that mask in-bed and environmental noise; and an optional support bar designed to provide extra support when entering or exiting the bed.

During the annual sale, which kicks off in time for Labor Day, multiple financing options will be available weekly, making next level sleep accessible to more sleepers.

To learn more, visit or one of our 670 stores.

*Based on self-reported data from 90 incentivized, first-time users 3/23-6/23; 6 weeks with smart bed features disabled, then 6 weeks enabled.

**Results from a 2020 Sleep Number survey of 1,004 respondents reported they or their partner sometimes sleep too hot or too cold.

***Based on use of temperature features and our proprietary Responsive Air® technology.

Based on average SleepIQ® data 11/1/22 - 2/28/23 of Climate360® sleepers engaging with Sleep Number® setting, SleepIQ®, adjustable base and temperature settings vs. non-Climate360 sleepers who have certain of these features but did not similarly engage.

See store for details.

About Sleep Number

Sleep Number is a wellness technology company. We are guided by our purpose to improve the health and wellbeing of society through higher quality sleep; to date, our innovations have improved over 14.5 million lives. Our wellness technology platform helps solve sleep problems, whether it’s providing individualized temperature control for each sleeper through our Climate360® smart bed or applying our 21 billion hours of longitudinal sleep data and expertise to research with global institutions.

Our smart bed ecosystem drives best-in-class engagement through dynamic, adjustable, and effortless sleep with personalized digital sleep and health insights; our millions of smart sleepers are loyal brand advocates. And our nearly 5,000 mission-driven team members passionately innovate to drive value creation through our vertically integrated business model, including our exclusive direct-to-consumer selling in 670 stores and online.

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Jasmine Geider
Sleep Number Public Relations


Jasmine Geider
Sleep Number Public Relations