The Academic Leadership Group Expands its Higher Education Consulting Practice

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--()--The Academic Leadership Group (ALG), which is nationally recognized for its leadership coaching practice for university faculty and administrators, is expanding its higher education consulting practice in response to growing demand.

Not long ago, with the seismic shift to online education during the early pandemic years, some wondered “will universities survive?” In fact, universities are not just surviving but flourishing as new ways of learning and teaching have taken hold and sit side-by-side traditional experiences and methods, enhancing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff.

Nevertheless, the innovations of the past three years have also come at a price. Many important forward-looking activities – from updating strategic planning to organizational and operational improvements – were put to the side while more urgent issues were addressed.

University faculty and staff are also still recovering from the extraordinary efforts that the pandemic years required. This has created new urgencies, from creating a positive and engaged organizational culture, to enhancing communication and rebuilding and healing relationships that were strained during fully remote work.

ALG’s expanded consulting practices address many of these needs. “The hearts and minds of its people have always been the path to excellence for educational institutions, and today they may need more care and support,” explains Julie Jungalwala, President of the Academic Leadership Group. “What makes our firm unique is our focus on how unleashing your human potential is the key to adapting and thriving in higher education.”

Outcomes of a higher education consulting engagement range from greater strategic and organizational clarity and alignment, to improving organizational culture and staff/faculty engagement and launching or growing new initiatives or units, all designed in service of a university’s unique mission.

As a client at an R1 university shared, “Working with ALG gave us that outside lens and helped us to institute change. We have revamped our organizational structure and this restructuring has helped define very successful hires for new leadership in the school. We significantly reduced the number of direct reports to the dean, and we created productive and robust team structures around student services, recruitment, financial aid, operations, and facilities. We also take greater advantage of shared services.”

“We expect to continue to grow in the higher education consulting space,” Jungalwala explained. “Engaging an external firm that truly understands universities and how they operate can bring an unbiased, outside perspective and is a great investment.”

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About the Academic Leadership Group, Inc.

The Academic Leadership Group (ALG), founded in 2019, is a woman-owned consulting firm focused on providing coaching and organizational assessment services to universities. Our passion is to partner with organizations desiring to unleash the potential of their mission and their people, and to bring humanity to this work. We build partnerships grounded in these values: We put people and relationships first. We meet our clients where they are and partner over the long term. We work with our clients to balance the important and the urgent, and to succeed at both. We celebrate learning and excellence. For more information about ALG and its services, please visit .


Jennifer Stine,, 617-359-5623


Jennifer Stine,, 617-359-5623