Avoli Unleashes the Power of Women and Girl Volleyball Athletes with the Launch of Its First-Ever Performance Shoe, Slides, and Apparel Collection

Making its debut on July 27th is Avoli’s low-top volleyball shoe, recovery slides, knee pads and sleeves

Avoli Low-Top Women's Volleyball Shoe (Photo: Business Wire)

PORTLAND, Ore.--()--Avoli, the first, and only, athletic brand dedicated exclusively to the performance needs and aspirations of women and girl volleyball athletes, announces the highly-anticipated launch of its flagship product line. The comprehensive collection features an innovative Avoli Low-Top Volleyball Shoe, alongside top-of-the-line recovery Slides, Knee Pads and Sleeves.

“We are privileged to have dynamic design, development and marketing teams led by remarkable women who want to push boundaries and inspire innovation in women’s volleyball,” said Mark Oleson, Co-Founder of Avoli. “We believe we are filling a void in girls’ and women’s volleyball. These athletes have been underserved – and we are here to listen and serve their needs.”

The Avoli Low-Top Volleyball Shoe: Unmatched Performance and Comfort

Avoli’s signature shoe is designed specifically for the demands of women’s volleyball and for the shape of her foot, improving fit and reducing slippage and rollover.

“In the world of girls’ and women’s volleyball footwear, we delved deep into the essence of court movements and it led us to uncover crucial truths: These athletes jump more than basketball players, they pivot and dive tirelessly, spend most of their time on their toes, and can be on the court all day every day in their sweaty and smelly shoes,” said Oleson.

“We’ve crafted game-changing solutions that prioritize fit, superior ventilation, unparalleled cushioning and traction. No more sweaty, stinky feet. No more slippage and no more discomfort.”

Avoli worked with Studio Noyes in Portland, Oregon to design footwear to address those challenges. “We’ve designed footwear that delivers top-end performance without sacrificing the style these athletes are looking for,” said Samantha Noyes, Founder of Studio Noyes.

Key Features:

· Superior Fit - Avoli’s signature shoe is meticulously made for a woman’s foot. A higher instep and spread forefoot design provides ample space for toes to splay and flex, essential for volleyball players who spend most of their time playing on their toes. Because women’s heels are narrower, the low-top shoe has a thinner and cushioned heel providing a better fit and preventing slippage and injury. A “hug band” technology over the top of the foot enables stability and security in the shoe.

· VoliCush Engineered Forefoot Cushioning System (Patent Pending) – A proprietary forefoot cushioning system, VoliCush combines both high-rebound and soft cushioning foams – providing the perfect balance of spring and impact protection. This cutting-edge technology meets the demands of the excessive jumping that volleyball athletes endure.

· VoliVent Ventilation Cooling System (Patent Pending) – Designed to keep volleyball athletes’ feet cool and comfortable, the Avoli shoe features a unique active ventilation system called “VoliVent,” with openings that run through the entire bottom of the shoe that pushes hot humid air out and pulls cool dry air in. Even the sock liners are equipped with moisture-exhaust holes, helping ensure a dry and odor-free shoe. Athletes no longer need to blow-dry their shoes after a match.

· Proprietary OctoLug Traction - Engineered traction designed for quick cuts, lunges and jumps on the volleyball court, Avoli created sticky soft OctoLug Traction on the outsole that works like the suction cups on an octopus, gripping the playing surface.

Availability: Immediately at www.avoli.com
MSRP: $140.00
Five Colorways: White/Silver, White/Black, Peri, Teal, Black-Gold

The Avoli Slides: Recovery and Style Combined

Volleyball athletes can relax and recover in style between matches or after practice. The signature Avoli Slides have a textured feel with arch support to cradle the foot. And with dozens of cushiony volleyball shapes on the soles, athletes will feel like they are slipping their feet into shock-absorbing cotton candy after a hard day of tournament play.

Availability: Immediately at www.avoli.com
MSRP: $50.00
Colorways: Black Marble, Peri Marble, Black

The Avoli Knee Pads: Easy Sliding, Durability and Protection

Typically, knee pads don’t last very long and players have to replace them often. Most knee pads are made with a sock knit—but Avoli took a more innovative approach. Instead of typically bulky construction, a unique low-friction material is used so that volleyball athletes can slide with ease and worry less about wear and tear.

Key Features

  • Woven Fabric - Avoli’s low-friction engineered fabric is made for easy sliding and impact reduction.
  • Moisture Repellency - The tight weave repels moisture and helps eliminate odor.
  • Durability - The Avoli Knee Pad is made with a material that reduces wear and tear giving the knee pads a longer lifespan.

Availability: Immediately at www.avoli.com
MSRP: $45.00
Colorways: White, Black

The Avoli Sleeves: Unrestricted Movement and Performance

The Avoli sleeve is designed to help absorb impact and friction when volleyball athletes dive or hit the ball with their forearms. It can help protect against muscle fatigue in the shoulders and provides a layer of protection for the elbows. The moisture-wicking material pulls sweat away from the body and can help generate a more consistent response when the ball hits the forearms.

Availability: Immediately at www.avoli.com
MSRP: $30.00
Colorways: White, Black

About Avoli

Born in Portland, Oregon, Avoli (“Ah-Volley”) is the only brand dedicated solely to the needs and aspirations of women and girl volleyball athletes. Founded in 2023, Avoli creates volleyball footwear, apparel and equipment designed specifically to meet the needs of women and girl athletes on the volleyball court, while amplifying the culture of volleyball.



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Beth Gast
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