Newegg Launches First Computer Shopping ChatGPT Plugin

Continuing to pioneer AI for e-commerce, the online tech retailer enables ChatGPT Plus subscribers to easily leverage its PC Builder tool through GPT-4

Newegg's new PC Builder ChatGPT plugin lets GPT-4 users compile their preferred components to build a desired desktop PC. The plugin for both the GPT-4 mobile and desktop platforms is now available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. (graphic: Newegg)

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.--()--Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a global e-commerce leader for technology products, today announced the launch of its PC Builder ChatGPT plugin, the first ChatGPT plugin for computer shopping. The new plugin leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to help ChatGPT Plus subscribers assemble PC components to build their desired desktop PC. Newegg is also one of the first retail brands to create a ChatGPT plugin.

The new PC Builder plugin is now available for both the GPT-4 desktop and mobile platforms.

With Newegg’s PC Builder plugin, GPT-4 users can enter details for their desired future PC build including component preferences, performance requirements, PC usage and budget. GPT-4 will then display the name, price, image and link for each component of the recommended PC build. After GPT-4 has assembled the components, users can find their PC Builder list on for additional customization and checkout.

Launched earlier this year by OpenAI, ChatGPT Plus is a paid subscription plan providing GPT-4 access and additional AI benefits beyond the free ChatGPT option, which offers GPT-3.5 use. ChatGPT plugins, add-ons that extend the AI program’s capabilities, are exclusive to ChatGPT Plus subscribers for GPT-4 and available in the plugin store.

“As a leader in implementing AI for e-commerce, Newegg continues to integrate AI into our services, including new entry points for users. We saw a great opportunity to create a ChatGPT plugin to enable subscribers to assemble parts for their dream machine directly within the GPT-4 platform,” said Lucy Huo, Vice President of Application Development for Newegg. “Our programmers are investing hundreds of hours weekly on AI-related projects for our platforms including a new AI shopping experience. In addition, we also see opportunities to utilize non-Newegg AI platforms to connect with users wherever they are.”

The PC Builder ChatGPT plugin is available in the plugin store for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Users without ChatGPT Plus can access PC Builder on or the Newegg app. PC Builder on is also powered by ChatGPT.

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Eric Wein
Newegg Commerce Inc.

Release Summary

Newegg launches PC Builder ChatGPT plugin for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. The plugin is the first for computer shopping.



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Eric Wein
Newegg Commerce Inc.