HealthLock Study Offers Insights into Consumer Attitudes Regarding Healthcare Billing, Fraud and Privacy Concerns

Survey identifies four schools of thought when it comes to managing medical care and costs, each echoing need for modern solutions supporting transparency and privacy

LOS ANGELES--()--HealthLock, a leading medical fraud and overbilling protection solution, today unveiled insightful findings from a recent attitudinal study exploring how adults in the United States feel about healthcare, from claims and billing to medical fraud and privacy. The study sheds light on consumer attitudes and preferences, highlighting the need for innovative solutions to address the public’s concerns.

Conducted in January 2023, the survey gathered feedback from 1,000 participants, ultimately identifying four distinct outlooks among respondents. Each outlook traverses multiple demographics including age, gender, family size and income, with no single demographic notably gravitating toward a specific attitude:

  • Overwhelmed (30%)
    • Feel that managing healthcare and medical bills is overwhelming and causes significant stress.
    • Desire simplification of the payment process and assistance with understanding insurance documents.
    • Express concern about health emergencies and believe their financial impact is prominent.
  • Anxious (23%)
    • Feel primarily concerned about privacy risks, medical billing fraud and identity theft.
    • Worry more than other groups about online security and sharing health information online.
  • Fix the System (24%)
    • Believe health insurance should reduce costs and increase transparency.
    • Advocate for governmental intervention to address rising healthcare costs.
    • Emphasize the importance of patient-doctor-insurance confidentiality.
  • Proactive (23%)
    • Embrace planning ahead to reduce healthcare costs.
    • Have confidence in their financial skills and understanding of insurance processes.
    • Strongly believe in the effectiveness of health insurance and trust in accurate medical billing.

The study also uncovered valuable insights related to health management, healthcare costs, medical privacy and medical billing disputes:

  • 63% of respondents perceived medical billing as challenging, with the Overwhelmed segment facing more difficulties, including unexpected bills and affordability concerns.
  • Almost all respondents (about 93%) had some form of health insurance.
  • Privacy and fraud were also top of mind, with 60% of respondents strongly agreeing that identity theft is a significant problem.

“The results of this study reveal just how complex the healthcare landscape has become for the average consumer,” said Scott Speranza, CEO of HealthLock. “From overwhelming stress to rising costs, it’s clear that contemporary solutions are needed to address these pressing issues. All of these concerns drive our work at HealthLock, where we are committed to returning privacy, control and savings to patients when it comes to their healthcare.”

HealthLock developed a cutting-edge, analytics-driven platform to tackle healthcare fraud, breaches and overbilling, to help protect consumers’ medical data and finances. Leveraging data and experience from reviewing $500 million worth of medical claims over 10 years, HealthLock offers a distinct solution that automatically enables individuals to efficiently organize bills, detect potential problems and actively combat billing errors.

To learn more about HealthLock and its mission to help patients easily understand, manage and navigate the healthcare system while protecting their privacy and finances, visit

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With healthcare fraud, breaches and overbilling on the rise, HealthLock offers a digital solution that syncs with insurance carriers to monitor healthcare claims for red flags putting consumers’ medical identity and finances at risk. HealthLock was created to help patients easily understand, manage and navigate the healthcare system while protecting their privacy and ensuring they only pay what they owe – making healthcare simple and effortless for all. Its analytics-driven technology leverages data from more than half a billion dollars’ worth of medical claims to instantly organize claims, identify potential errors and help members fight back against overbilling. More at


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HealthLock, a leading medical fraud and overbilling protection solution, unveils consumer insights on healthcare billing, fraud and privacy concerns


Danielle Grobmeier
Aker Ink PR & Marketing
(480) 286 3365