PurpleCube Unified Data Orchestration Platform to Replace All Legacy Data Integration

Single Platform for All Data Equals Faster Time to Value, Elevated Insight, and Accelerated Innovation

SAN FRANCISCO--()--PurpleCube, a modern data management software company, today announced the industry’s first cloud-native, unified data orchestration platform designed to replace all generations of legacy data integration, preparation, replication, engineering, messaging, and API integration platforms. Until this time, most organizations have purchased multiple purpose-built data management tools to accomplish different data tasks. Businesses can expect to orchestrate all their data processing on a single platform, gaining agility and saving time, money, and reduplication of effort.

“Our customers are tired of managing multiple platforms and moving data between tools to analyze data,” said Bharat Phadke, CEO of PurpleCube. “We have developed a single platform that orchestrates the entire spectrum of data engineering. Our customers are already doing more with fewer resources and innovating at a faster pace, all at an affordable price.”

Contrasting three decades of point solutions, the PurpleCube Cloud will include complete capabilities for data migration, data integration, data quality, data preparation, data pipelines, data warehouse automation, data lake automation, and data cataloging. Unlike tools built only for data lakes or streaming data, data engineers will be able to easily combine structured data, semi-structured data, and streaming data. Because the platform was built by engineers for engineers, it comes enterprise-ready with security, privacy, access control, multi-tenancy, and data governance. With a rich set of active metadata, the platform is ready for cost, time, and resource optimization across the entire data engineering department.

“The data engineering market is saturated with specialized, high-cost data management tools that, while powerful, tend to be underutilized due to their overwhelming capabilities causing lower adoption and diminished ROI,” said Shawn Rogers, CEO of BARC Research US. “PurpleCube’s comprehensive set of capabilities, combined with its affordable pricing and cloud accessibility positions them competitively in the space. Many enterprise organizations are moving toward a consolidation strategy to build more agile data management foundations.”

PurpleCube Cloud enables data engineers to build end-to-end data pipelines in a drag-and-drop interface, automatically generating metadata. Because the entire pipeline is in a single platform, governance and security are built in, cataloging is automatic, and workloads can be directed to the optimal platform. Ultimately, the unified data orchestration platform becomes the system of record for all data engineering and DataOps.

PurpleCube Cloud will be immediately available on Microsoft Azure and available at the end of Q3 for Google Cloud, and AWS.

About PurpleCube

PurpleCube, a modern data management software company, created the industry’s first unified data orchestration platform. The software gives organizations a single platform for all data and all analytics, at all latencies. With centralized control over all data pipelines from acquisition to insight, every enterprise gains control over the monetization of all data assets managing data as an investment portfolio. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Learn more at www.purplecube.ai.


Kirsten Kopke