Organizations Lack Tools to Monitor Cloud Data, Creating Critical Gaps in Security Coverage

Laminar survey reveals more than 1 in 2 security professionals either can’t or are unsure if they can monitor all data stores in the cloud

TEL AVIV, Israel & NEW YORK--()--Laminar, the leading agile data security platform, today released the findings of a survey conducted at two cybersecurity industry events: the RSA Conference in April of 2023 and InfoSec Europe in June of 2023. The good news is that 63% of the 219 respondents now use cloud-native security tools to monitor and protect data. They recognize that cloud data assets are different enough to warrant a specialized approach that evolves beyond legacy static- and connector-based security solutions. However, 25% percent still do not have the ability to monitor all data stores across their hybrid cloud infrastructures, and 26% are not sure if they have these capabilities. As a result, many companies likely have significant security gaps they are not currently addressing.

Data Is Driving Innovation, but At the Cost of a Security Execution Gap

Companies possess a wealth of data that can be used to drive product and service innovation. That’s why two-thirds (66%) of respondents say they are using data to innovate internally or for end users. In fact, more than half (58%) have built or released a new cloud-based product or service over the past two years.

While cloud-native security tools abound, they do not focus directly on data. As a result, many experts are uncertain about whether they can monitor and manage all of their data stores. Cloud-native data security tools enable teams to see all new data stores that are being created, as well as monitor activity that occurs within those assets. That’s important because the growth of data in the cloud is exploding, as agile development accelerates the pace of IT solution development. Developers are spinning up instances and creating database copies to develop and test new solutions. Since these assets are typically not known by security teams, they create shadow data that is most often underprotected and unmonitored.

Teams that lack holistic and granular monitoring capabilities across all cloud data stores are experiencing a security execution gap — a growing divergence between the activities that contribute to innovation and the security activities intended to protect the business.

Ensuring Best-in-class Cloud Security with Cloud-native Solutions

The survey found that 12% of respondents had experienced a breach after deploying a new solution, while 28% weren’t sure. As many enterprises release dozens of new solutions yearly, that likely means that they are experiencing increased risk with every deployment.

Laminar’s State of Public Cloud Data Security Report 2023 found that 77% of enterprises had been breached within the past 12 months. These findings provide security, privacy and governance teams with a compelling rationale to evolve data security processes and use cloud-native solutions to protect their cloud data holdings.

Leading cloud-native data security solutions provide agentless, asynchronous, and autonomous discovery and classification of all cloud data, both structured and unstructured, across managed and self-hosted data stores. They also analyze access, usage patterns, and security posture, providing actionable, guided remediation steps to reduce data security risks. By monitoring data stores and continuously reducing risks, teams can ensure the security, governance, and privacy of their organizations’ data in the cloud.

“As enterprises navigate an era of growing data risks and threats, many teams are taking a second look at their security solutions to see if they provide agile data security, marrying organizational agility with key controls to safeguard sensitive, regulated, and proprietary data in the cloud,” said Amit Shaked, CEO and Co-Founder, Laminar. “Cloud-native data security solutions reduce the security execution gap and provide secure support for value creators’ activities. In addition, they help transform the role of security teams from gatekeepers to gate openers, while providing organizations with greater agility and control over their data.”

About Laminar

Laminar is the leading agile data security platform and provides organizations the visibility and control they need to achieve data security, governance, and privacy in the cloud. Our cloud-native data security solution continuously discovers and classifies all cloud data, structured and unstructured, across managed and self-hosted data stores, including unknown shadow data, without the data ever leaving your environment. It analyzes access, usage patterns, and security posture, and provides actionable, guided remediation for data security risk. Laminar connects to your multi-cloud environment including AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, BigQuery, and SaaS applications via APIs and is agentless, asynchronous, and completely autonomous.


Touchdown PR for Laminar
Shannon Cieciuch

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Laminar survey reveals more than 1 in 2 security professionals either can't or are unsure if they can monitor all data stores in the cloud


Touchdown PR for Laminar
Shannon Cieciuch