Gas Storage Denmark: Call for Interest

Market input on CO2 storage needs

Stenlille facility in Denmark onshore CO2 storage (Photo: Business Wire)

STENLILLE, Denmark--()--With its CO2RYLUS project Gas Storage Denmark A/S (GSD) intends to establish onshore CO2 storage at the Stenlille facility – and expects to offer both injection and storage capacity for CO2 from ultimo 2025. The rate of expansion of GSD’s CO2 capacities will depend on customer demand. GSD would therefore appreciate feedback from potential customers with regards to such storage needs.

Companies with an interest in storing CO2 at Stenlille are therefore encouraged to write to to inform GSD about their interest. All inquiries will be treated with confidentiality. GSD expects to be open for input from market actors until at least the 15th of August 2023.

About the CO2RYLUS project

The CO2-project in Stenlille is known under the name CO2RYLUS. Based on continuous investigation of the reservoir the expectations to the storage capacity is a minimum of 10 million tons of CO2.

Gas Storage Denmark has 30+ years of experience with underground storage in Stenlille due to the existing methane gas storage facility. Thus, GSD has extensive knowledge of the underground and thorough practical experience with safety and monitoring.

Since the beginning of operations in Stenlille GSD has maintained good relations with neighbors, local stakeholders and communities through active dialogue and transparency regarding plans for development.

Further, the existing infrastructure and organization enables a relatively fast establishment of large-scale CO2-storage in Stenlille.

Finally, an important factor in establishing a CO2 storage adjacent to the existing methane storage operation in Stenlille is the acceleration factor. With this project, Gas Storage Denmark seek to actively work together with the partners in the industry to reduce risks, optimize setup and improve the timelines for CCS projects in Denmark in general.

The CO2RYLUS project intends to create a platform for innovation and acceleration of the CCS technology in Denmark. The platform will be used to disseminate and share technical reservoir knowledge as well as experience with early industry standards in the integrated value chain “from chimney to underground” to promote accelerated development of the industry.

Specifically for this purpose Gas Storage Denmark is hosting and contributing actively to several research projects in collaboration with universities and others.

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Ann Marker

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Gas Storage Denmark: Call for interest. Market input on CO2 storage needs.


Ann Marker