Titan Launches Smart Cash, Automatically Gives Users Their Highest Rate.

Smart Cash scans for fluctuating rates and factors in personal tax details to automatically move clients into the highest after-tax rate available on Titan.

NEW YORK--()--Titan, the investment management platform backed by Andreessen Horowitz and General Catalyst, today announced the launch of Smart Cash. The goal is simple: Optimize for the highest after-tax rate that clients can earn on their cash. Smart Cash scans rates across treasury funds and cash on Titan alongside individual tax details. Its AI-leveraged algorithm then calculates the highest rate not only before, but after tax, and automatically moves money if a better one is found. Smart Cash provides a higher rate than traditional savings accounts while also being extremely low risk. Currently, that rate is up to 5.11%* compared to the national savings average of 0.4%.

Co-CEO Clay Gardner states, “Our studies show inflation is still the top concern for individuals. Despite some improving market signals, the world is still very much in capital preservation mode. So we launched Titan Treasury a few months ago to give our clients a low-risk way to earn high yield. Yet I knew we could do even better. Personally, I had created a spreadsheet to track the various yields and tax implications of most cash management products out there, so that I could always be earning my optimal after-tax yield. I shared it with my colleagues and it went viral. Then it hit me – this should exist for everyone, on autopilot. And that’s why we’re launching Smart Cash.”

CTO Max Bernardy continues, “Our clients are not financial novices by any means. Yet we were floored that of those who deposited into Titan Treasury, almost half did so from a traditional low-rate bank account. We found that the average American keeps savings in a traditional bank account earning almost nothing for 14 years. We've observed this problem where people feel paralyzed in deciding what to do with their cash so we decided to change that.”

Smart Cash scans a number of cash equivalents for rate changes that can happen on a daily basis. It also takes a client’s tax details into account. Some of the income earned from the available options have different tax consequences on a state and local level, meaning the advertised rate will not necessarily result in the highest after-tax rate. Clayton states, “Unlike some other rates being blasted out there, there are no hidden taxes or fees with Smart Cash. We’ve done the comparisons; Smart Cash can provide some of the highest after-tax rates we’ve found in this space.”

Aiming to build the Fidelity for the next generation, Titan offers a suite of investment options ranging from automated index investing to venture capital. Smart Cash is free outside of the underlying fund expense ratios.

About Titan

Titan brings two things together: professional investment management and powerful tech. It brings the private wealth management experience to everyday investors by unlocking products and services traditionally available only to institutional investors. Titan offers a variety of options from passive automated investing to active equity management to venture capital. Titan has approximately 345,000** users as of June 8, 2023 and offers both individual and retirement accounts. Titan was founded by Clayton Gardner, Joe Percoco, and Maxwell Bernardy, and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, General Catalyst, Sound Ventures, and more. Learn more at www.titan.com.

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*Yield is as of 07/11/2023. This represents the highest 7-Day Yield currently available among our options. Certain funds have specific investment minimums, which can be up to $10,000. Investors who invest amounts below these minimums may experience lower yields than those advertised. Yields are subject to change and will fluctuate over time.

**User data is as of June 8th, 2023. User count is all-time and includes both Titan App registered users and individuals who have elected to receive updates, newsletters, and offers from Titan.

Clay Gardner and Max Bernardy are Titan investment clients, and were not paid for the above testimonials.

While Titan can provide general information and guidance, this should not be misconstrued as tax advice as Titan is not a tax professional. Titan strongly recommends consulting with a qualified tax professional for personalized advice on your specific tax situation.