Spiff Brings the Power of Artificial Intelligence to Its Sales Commission Platform

Spiff leverages AI to support its mission to deepen customer trust, improve self-service, and create advanced reporting and analytics

SALT LAKE CITY--()--Spiff, the leading sales commission software for forward-thinking revenue and sales organizations, today announced its generative AI technology, Spiff Assistant, making it easier for customers to self-manage on the Spiff platform by helping them understand and build plans, design and optimize workflows, predict commissions, attainment, and attrition, and provide insights on how commission plans are performing and driving behavior.

In May, Spiff announced its Series C funding round of $50 million and, at the time, promised innovative advancements that would support its mission to simplify complex financial processes while delivering the simplicity and ease of use of spreadsheets. Spiff Assistant is the next phase of that innovation, using generative AI which, for instance, enables users to better understand their statements by accessing descriptions of their logic in natural language and to use plain text logic to generate syntax recommendations.

“AI has transformed from science fiction to the mainstream, becoming more than vaporware for tech marketers and evolving into a subject of conversation for technologists and consumers alike,” said Jeron Paul, CEO, Spiff. “For us, it furthers our commitment to provide our customers with the tools to uncomplicate sales commissions by eliminating the manual processes that have frustrated sales and finance teams.”

Spiff Assistant eliminates the heavy lifting and learning curve that exists for users who have to build and manage commission plans. It explains logic and builds and optimizes formulas from natural language, making plan building and management faster and simpler. It expedites transitions, making it easier for employees who take over plans to understand what’s been built and make the necessary changes without the fear of breaking the logic or having to spend hours learning how the commissions are calculated.

For plan administrators, Spiff Assistant flattens the learning curve and reduces time to value by automating the creation of rules and plans. It also gives them time back to focus on higher-priority tasks by automating much of the painstaking, detailed work that consumes their day. Spiff Assistant also has a powerful, trustworthy prediction engine that empowers users to predict things such as future commissions and rep attrition.

To learn more about Spiff Assistant, please visit https://spiff.com/demo/

About Spiff

Spiff is the leading sales commission platform that combines the familiarity and ease-of-use of a spreadsheet with the power of automation at scale-enabling finance and sales operations teams to self-manage complex incentive compensation plans with ease. Spiff is designed to facilitate trust across organizations, motivate sales teams, increase visibility into performance and earnings, and ultimately, drive top-line growth. The platform's intuitive UI, in-depth reporting capabilities, and seamless integrations make it the first choice among high-growth and enterprise organizations. www.spiff.com


Phil LeClare