Libragames releases the tower defense game "Soul Dog TD," where players fight alongside a dog, on Steam today, July 18th - also 10% off sale available

Battle scene (Graphic: Business Wire)

TOKYO--()--Libragames released the tower defense game "Soul Dog TD" today, Tuesday, July 18, 2023, for early access on Steam. We also offer a 10% off launch sale starting today, limited to seven days. Also, this game welcomes streaming of content, such as videos and live broadcasting.


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About Soul Dog TD
Soul Dog TD is a tower defense game where players, alongside a cute Shiba Inu dog and six units, defeat enemies coming to attack. By skillfully controlling your units to defeat the enemies and collecting their souls, you can select one of three items that appear at random to strengthen your units. Strategically strengthen your units while defending against 30 waves of enemies.

- About Soul Dogs
When you defeat an enemy, its soul appears and gradually vanishes as it rises up into the sky. Soul Dogs have the ability to collect these souls before they vanish. Your soul level increases by acquiring a certain number of souls, providing a chance to obtain items. Let’s get souls by skillfully instructing the Soul Dogs. You can also feed your Soul Dogs to make them grow.

- Enhancements by the Skill Board
You can use coins obtained in battles to acquire skills from the Skill Board. Such skills can also raise your attack power and unlock new items and systems. So, carefully consider which skill will best strengthen your army.

- Reactions to the demo
The demo version of the game has been available for the past six months, and the feedback from players who have tried it has been extremely positive. Some of the comments received include:
"It's been a while since I played a tower defense game this good."
"It's so much fun that time just flies by."
"It's so fun that I don't want to go to work anymore."
We have received so much such feedback. Those curious to try the game are encouraged to download the demo.

Product Overview
Title: Soul Dog TD
Genre: Tower defense
No. of players: 1
Devices supported: PC (Steam)
Price: $12.99
Language: Japanese / English
Developed/sold by: Libragames
Email address:


Akihiro Takahashi
Tel: 81-80-5400-7412


Akihiro Takahashi
Tel: 81-80-5400-7412