Fauna Powers 4.6 Million Daily Transactions for Leading Software Provider Hannon Hill

The database boosts applications and developer productivity while improving end user experience

SAN MATEO, Calif.--()--Hannon Hill, a leader in content management systems (CMS), taps Fauna, the distributed relational database with a document data model, to support millions of daily transactions on Clive – a real-time web personalization tool. After building the product on Fauna, Hannon Hill continues to rely on the database to serve global users, retrieve data quickly and accurately, and improve their internal developer experiences.

Clive delivers targeted content to a company’s website visitors, ultimately increasing customer conversions. The tool integrates natively with Cascade CMS, Hannon Hill’s flagship product and a top CMS solution for universities and colleges, as well as other third-party CMS solutions.

Hannon Hill originally prototyped Clive on a legacy single-region database but faced several performance issues as traffic fluctuated across their distributed user base. Based on the performance requirements and access patterns of a globally-accessible real-time personalization application, the team realized they needed a modern architecture capable of accommodating this traffic while providing a superior user experience and seamless scaling for the growing user base. Hannon Hill also sought to reduce undifferentiated engineering tasks for their internal developers as they support additional third-party CMS applications.

“We built Fauna to help all companies, from startups to global enterprises, decrease operational tasks and costs and focus on adding business value,” said Hassen Karaa, VP of Product at Fauna. “Our unique model that combines distribution by default, a serverless delivery model, strong consistency, and relational power on top of a document data model helped Hannon Hill accomplish this.”

Fauna met Clive’s requirements thanks to the database’s support for semi-structured data and schemaless architecture, API delivery model, auto-scaling, and support for parallel transactions. These capabilities enabled the Hannon Hill team to build and deliver an application capable of providing millions of users with a world-class experience. By partnering with Fauna and eliminating time-consuming maintenance, Hannon Hill freed-up developers from time-consuming tasks, such as schema updates, allowing them to focus on continued innovation.

“With millions of users accessing client websites simultaneously, Fauna supports seamless scaling that optimizes performance and cost,” said Artur Tomusiak, Senior Software Engineer at Hannon Hill. “Fauna also provides a much better developer experience. Our engineers spend a significant amount of time each month maintaining servers of the legacy non-serverless product while maintenance-related tasks with Fauna are negligible.”

Fauna continues to see tremendous customer success and momentum in recent months, including the introduction of Fauna logs in February, a partnership with Airbyte, and the general availability of the database on AWS Marketplace in March.

To learn more about Fauna and its work with Hannon Hill, visit here.

About Fauna

Fauna is a distributed relational database with a document data model. It combines support for semi-structured data with powerful relational features such as foreign keys, views, and joins. A native serverless architecture means customers worry less about operations. Developers choose Fauna to build new applications faster and confidently scale existing ones across regions and the globe. Builders and scalers like Lexmark, Cloaked, Insights GG, Hannon Hill, Unilever, Connexin, DLTR, and Azion trust Fauna to accelerate development and solve mission-critical challenges. Backed by premier venture investors Madrona Venture Group, ADDITION, GV, and CRV, Fauna is headquartered in San Mateo with an experienced leadership team hailing from Microsoft, Okta, Twitter, Amazon, and Oracle. For more information visit fauna.com or follow us at @fauna.

About Hannon Hill

Hannon Hill is the maker of Cascade CMS, a web content management system with built-in tools to eliminate stale content, increase digital outreach, and promote end-user adoption and accountability. Cascade CMS is designed for decentralized web teams in most major industries, including higher education, government, healthcare, and technology. Clive by Hannon Hill is an engagement and real-time personalization tool for collecting information and using it to craft personalized web experiences. With Clive, users can build profiles and engage with audiences through targeted content delivery. For more information, visit hannonhill.com.


LaunchSquad for Fauna


LaunchSquad for Fauna