Narwal Launches World's First Automatic Water Exchange System for Robot Mops; Never Need to Change Mop Water Again

New module features completely hands-free auto-filling and auto-draining to spread availability of flawless floors

HONG KONG--()--Narwal, the fast-growing robotics startup dedicated to bringing flawless floors to every household through highly efficient, professional-level floor cleaning technologies, today announced its newest product offering — the world's first automatic water exchange system for robot mops.

Designed for use with Narwal Freo, the versatile cleaning robot that advances the day-to-day cleaning process with DirtSense™ and EdgeSwing™ technology, this innovative water exchange system features auto-filling and auto-draining to further simplify the mopping process. This latest enhancement is guaranteed to be leakproof and eliminates the need for water tank washing.

The second most important "washing machine" in the home, the Narwal Freo automatic water exchange targets large areas, enabling robot mops to keep mopping without human interference or restrictions of water tank volume. Customers no longer have to worry about running out of water halfway through mopping extensive areas or lugging around bulky, inconvenient water tanks.

The automatic water exchange module drains dirty water, replacing it with clean water for floor washing. Smearing floors with contaminated water or bacteria breeding in water tanks are no longer issues. The Narwal Freo system also removes the hassle of unpleasant odors from the wastewater tank.

Installation of the module is simple, smooth, and worry-free. The Narwal Freo was uniquely designed with a removable cleaning tray for easy maintenance, with handles on both sides of the base station for easier carrying and a sleek design that is visually pleasing. The neatly packaged module features mechanical and electronic valves to ensure safe water flow, and self-testing software helps simplify installation.

“Narwal is all about bringing flawless floors to every household via pioneering highly efficient, professional-level floor cleaning technologies and offering a positive user experience,” said Junbin Zhang, founder and CEO of Narwal. “We are committed to using smart technology to automate and streamline the residential cleaning process, removing many of the everyday challenges we encounter to ensure a clean home. With Freo, the frustrating aspects of washing floors are a thing of the past.”

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About Narwal

Narwal Freo is known for using its cutting-edge technology to get the top-tier cleaning job done from start to finish, with the objective of bringing flawless floors to users. The company has obtained more than $26.18 million in Series A, B, and C financing to date. Its investors include Sequoia Capital, Hillhouse Capital, Byte Dance and more. Gathering with over 400 researchers and scientists from across the globe, Narwal has made numerous breakthroughs in multiple fields and won a number of international awards, including the Edison Gold Award, honoring innovation, and Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2020.


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