Horizon3.ai and Autonomos.ai Partner to Introduce Advanced Cybersecurity into Africa

JOHANNESBURG & SAN FRANCISCO--()--Autonomos.ai has joined forces with Horizon3.ai, a U.S.-based cybersecurity firm, as a fully licensed and Certified Partner to introduce advanced cybersecurity services to the African continent. This partnership aims to provide enterprises, governments, and NGOs with a comprehensive and proactive defense against cyber threats.

Autonomos.ai is on a mission to empower organizations by assisting them in assessing their network infrastructures to find, fix, and verify that attack vectors are remediated before malicious actors can exploit them. Horizon3.ai's flagship product, NodeZero™, is an AI-driven penetration testing solution that revolutionizes the cybersecurity landscape. Using NodeZero, Autonomos.ai delivers the most advanced and continuous exploitable vulnerability detection solution available, ensuring a safe and seamless experience for users in their production environments without the need for persistent or credentialed agents.

NodeZero enables enterprises to view their systems through the eyes of an attacker, identifying ineffective security controls and prioritizing the resolution of critical issues. The solution goes beyond compliance checkboxes, offering effective security measures to enhance overall cyber resilience.

“What sets NodeZero apart is its advanced AI-driven decision-making engine, which enables our partners to test their clients’ infrastructures at scale by chaining together harvested credentials, misconfigurations, dangerous product defaults, and exploitable vulnerabilities to achieve critical impacts like domain compromise and sensitive data exposure. NodeZero provides our partners with unparalleled visibility into vulnerabilities, allowing them to remediate issues and verify that risks are being reduced. We are dedicated to working with our partners to help improve security on a global scale,” said Snehal Antani, CEO and co-founder of Horizon3.ai.

Patrick Schoutens, CTO of Autonomos.ai, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Horizon3.ai to bring forth a new era of AI-driven solutions. This collaboration will combine our AI expertise with Horizons3.ai’s software development capabilities, enabling us to continually create innovative solutions that empower businesses.”

About Autonomos.ai

Our mission is to provide continuous and proactive protection for our clients' data and assets. We firmly believe in a proactive approach to cybersecurity; shifting from reactive measures to actively identifying and addressing attack vectors before criminals can exploit them allows us to be far ahead of the curve in providing effective cybersecurity.

Being a licensed partner of Horizon3.ai, Autonomos.ai provides their clients with continuous proactive cybersecurity-as-a-service, delivering constant and unlimited evaluation of their systems to immediately identify ineffective or exploitable security controls. These services measurably reduce risk of breach and other negative outcomes from targeted cyber-attacks.

About Horizon3.ai

Horizon3.ai was founded in 2019 by former industry and U.S. National Security veterans with the mission to help organizations to see their networks through the eyes of the attacker and proactively fix problems that truly matter, improve the effectiveness of their security initiatives, and ensure organizations are prepared to respond to real attacks.


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