Globe Group Revolutionizes Healthcare Access in the Philippines With Launch of Groundbreaking KonsultaMD SuperApp

The Philippines' #1 Health App is Now Even Better (Graphic: Business Wire)

MANILA, Philippines--()--The Globe Group, a leading digital solutions platform in the Philippines, achieved a major milestone in its health tech initiative with the recent launch of the KonsultaMD SuperApp. This groundbreaking app showcases new capabilities and a deeper and broader provider network, marking a significant advancement in the country’s healthcare industry.

The SuperApp is the next-generation iteration of KonsultaMD, a telehealth platform established by the Globe Group in 2015 that has since been instrumental in digitizing healthcare services in the Philippines. It bridges the gap between various health and medical services, consolidating them into one cohesive platform.

This feature is particularly beneficial for those residing in remote areas where access to doctors is limited or none at all. About six out of 10 people die yearly without ever seeing a doctor, according to a university study. Roughly half of Filipinos, meanwhile, have no access to primary healthcare facilities within 30 minutes, the Department of Health earlier told the Senate.

In a February 2023 report, the Philippine Institute for Development Studies said in a report that there are 27 provinces in the Philippines with less than 0.5 hospital bed per 1,000 population, which can prove problematic especially as seen at the height of the pandemic, when hospitals went over capacity due to the flock of COVID-19 patients.

Bringing together services of top medical apps KonsultaMD, HealthNow and AIDE, the SuperApp features doctor consultations, a 24/7 online pharmacy with same-day delivery, at-home lab testing, diagnostics, wellness services, physical therapy, nursing care for newborns and elderly patients, and a concierge service for premium subscribers. These services offer convenience, safety, and privacy, catering to individuals with diverse healthcare needs.

The app also empowers users to consult with over 1,000 medical professionals with more than 40 specializations including mental health, through on-demand video or chat from the comfort of their own homes.

This early, the SuperApp is already creating waves with its seamless integration of technology and medicine, seeing an increase in daily transactions with an immediate acceleration in downloads and registrations. It is outperforming the legacy app across key benchmarks, including browsing engagement, conversion, and payment.

“We have very exciting plans for KonsultaMD. It seeks to address a very big issue in the Philippines. With a ratio of one doctor for every 30,000 citizens, bringing healthcare access to the public is really our goal. The more we make the SuperApp easy to use and inject many more services into it, we think it's going to resonate with our customers and the public,” said Ernest Cu, Globe Group President and CEO.

The KonsultaMD SuperApp exemplifies Globe’s commitment to making healthcare accessible to all, with plans for further expansion and improvement. This one-stop shop is now available for download on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To download the app, visit:


KonsultaMD is a 917Ventures portfolio company and is the largest telehealth company in the Philippines. KonsultaMD seeks to democratize healthcare in the country by providing end-to-end reliable services from 24/7 access to doctors online, and medicine delivery, to at-home diagnostics and home care. KonsultaMD doesn't stop with just physical health, the brand also advocates for mental health in the country, consistently leading efforts to destigmatize it among Filipinos.


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Release Summary

The SuperApp is the next-generation iteration of KonsultaMD, a telehealth platform established by the Globe Group in 2015.


GOLIN for Globe Group