Cabinet Health Launches in National Pharmacies to Expand Access to Refillable + Compostable Medicine

NEW YORK--()--Cabinet Health, the makers of the world's first refillable and compostable medicine system is launching in 700 retail pharmacy locations across the country. Cabinet's growth into retail addresses the surging demand for quality medicines and sustainably packaged products - as well as the accelerating concern of single-use plastic.

Cabinet's mission is to eliminate single-use plastic from our healthcare system. Today, 93% of Americans buy their medicines in physical stores where there were no sustainable medicine packaging options available. Cabinet’s launch in retail pharmacies is the first refillable and compostable product and helps millions of customers discover smart alternatives to harmful single-use plastic packaging for medicines.

“Cabinet’s expansion into retail is a leap forward for both the company and the healthcare industry as a whole. Cabinet is the first and only sustainability packaged option for medicine in the OTC aisle today. We’re proud to lead this movement – not just for sustainability – but for quality standards and accessibility as well,” said Russell Gong, President and Co-Founder of Cabinet Health.

Cabinet’s OTC product offers more than 20% savings on a per pill basis in their premium, signature refillable and compostable packaging.

“Retail is a critical milestone for our mission. Cabinet is an easy sustainable swap that delivers on quality, transparency and value. We want families to trust that our products are priced better, delight in design, reduce single-use plastic, and help you save in the long run,” said Achal Patel, CEO and Cofounder of Cabinet Health.

To educate communities across the country of their national expansion, Cabinet's Sustainable Medicine Mobile will take a cross-country summer journey from LA to NYC encouraging consumers to swap their old plastic medicine bottles to Cabinet's revolutionary compostable systems. Cabinet will partner with sculptural artist Kellie Gillespie, a changemaker in the community, to transform empty donated pill bottles that can’t be recycled into an extraordinary art sculpture that makes a statement about its mission while educating consumers about the plastic crisis and myths around recycling along the way.

Since launching in 2018, Cabinet Health has helped customers avoid more than 50k lbs of plastic from entering the environment. Starting May 26th, customers will be able to purchase 14 SKUs of Cabinet Health medications, including Allergy Relief, Pain Relief, Digestive Care and Cough and Cold Relief in select CVS locations nationwide.

About Cabinet Health
Cabinet Health is a sustainable healthcare company that has invented the world’s first refillable and compostable medicine system, offering an impactful solution to the growing plastic waste crisis. Co-founders Russell Gong and Achal Patel launched Cabinet Health in 2018 with a vision to reimagine the way the industry packages and fills every type of medicine. The company is on a mission to eliminate single-use plastic from the pharmaceuticals altogether, which produces more than 190 billion single-use plastic medicine bottles every year, with an estimated 97% landing in our oceans, landfills, and eventually, our bodies as microplastics. The Cabinet Health system offers high-quality over-the-counter medicines and supplements in elevated glass bottles that can be infinitely re-used, providing customers with a more beautiful, streamlined, and low-waste alternative to the dozens of plastic pill bottles in their medicine cabinets today. All Cabinet Health medicines are third-party batch-tested, use FDA-approved active ingredients, and are free of known carcinogens, toxins, and allergens, including gluten. Cabinet Health is a certified B-Corp with a growing base of customers who have helped divert thousands of pounds of plastic from landfills. To learn more visit and follow at

(646) 896-1397

(646) 896-1397