Double Announces Continued Growth, Launches Double for Teams to Help Startups Combat Overwork During Turbulent Times

100+ teams have delegated over 250,000 hours to Double, as the need for flexible, cost-effective support for leadership teams grows

Double for Teams (Graphic: Business Wire)

BROOKLYN, N.Y.--()--Double, a flexible remote assistant service for executives powered by human support, today announced the launch of Double for Teams, a white-glove offering designed to outfit entire executive teams with help from vetted executive assistants. This milestone moment for the company speaks to the significant need for skilled help as leaders continue to steer their companies through turbulent times. Double for Teams assists entire leadership teams, not just CEOs, to do more impactful work without increasing hours and risking burnout.

Double for Teams has already helped a number of storied companies in its beta. Currently onboarding around 50 executives and teams a month, the company’s clientbase has grown 3x since announcing its Series A in October 2021. The new offering supports Double’s clients as they navigate doing more work than ever with smaller teams, and reaffirms the productivity-minded company's belief that access to high quality help should be a standard, not a privilege.

Today’s startup workers and executives have had to deal with bank collapses, hiring freezes, layoffs and rampant burnout. A recent Deloitte survey found that three out of four executives say that their workload causes obstacles to their growth. The top hurdles that respondents cited were a heavy workload, stress, and not having enough time to achieve their well-being goals because of long work hours. These issues, which tend to affect women at higher rates, can put full organizations at a disadvantage, especially in our current environment, where more work is being asked of smaller teams.

Double for Teams allows executive teams to delegate anywhere from 30 to over 300 hours per month, giving them the support and flexibility required in order to get important work done, protect jobs, and overcome the current tough environment for startups.

With Double, c-suite team members don't waste any precious time on tasks that could be delegated, and can focus their energy on sustaining important bottom-line responsibilities that benefit the entire company. The result is clear when executives use Double: they report lower overall hours, higher productivity, completion of more deep, meaningful work – as well as improved mental and physical health.

Double executive assistants, referred to as "Doubles," are all locally-based and thoroughly vetted before they are hand-selected for specific team needs – fewer than 1% of applicants are accepted. Doubles, armed with proprietary delegation tools, can go above and beyond what EAs and virtual assistants can provide. Double assistants help executives manage traditional tasks like email and scheduling, but are also apt to handle social media, events or anything else that is going to make the executive a more efficient contributor to their organization. Doubles even manage personal tasks; several Doubles hold their executive teams accountable for their fitness routines and one Double assistant even manages a full AirBnB portfolio on behalf of an executive. To date, Doubles have collectively saved executives over 250,000 hours, freeing up valuable time for them to focus on the tasks that they need to prioritize to level up their businesses and drive impact.

“We were seeing so much additional demand from executives whose work and personal lives have been transformed by their Double, who wanted to quickly extend those benefits to their teams,” explained Alice Default, Co-Founder and CEO of Double. “Many leaders are walking a tightrope these days. They need to keep productivity up and address a shifting attitude around hustle culture and overwork. At the same time, investments really need to show ROI. That’s how we want to help, with services that help breathe new life into teams and contribute to measurable bottom-line results.”

“My Double assistant has been a lever for productivity and growth, allowing me to delegate essential but time-consuming tasks to free up time for more strategic work,” said Julie Hansen, Babbel U.S. CEO and Double for Teams user. “Expanding this option to the wider team at Babbel was a natural and seamless way to continue growing while responsibly managing costs."

Double for Teams enables teams of any size to work with one or more Doubles, and is already being utilized by over 100 companies since launching in beta six months ago. Plans for teams are priced by the hour, starting at 30 hours per month for teams of up to three executives, all the way up to 300+ hours for teams of up to 10 executives. Team leads can set how many hours their Doubles will spend on each executive, and on team-wide tasks, as well as decide if the Double will be available for personal life management or solely for professional tasks.

Double plans to continue rolling out products and developing technologies that enable synergies within organizations, and further optimize the nuanced work of human-centric communications. The company will continue to put quality and trust first as it eliminates inefficiencies and helps to usher in the future of work.

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About Double
Double is a flexible, remote assistant service that helps executives and their teams meet the demands of the current state of work. Double is on a mission to help its clients get time back by providing human support, technology, and delegation methods to manage daily tasks. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, Double’s leadership team is composed of 80% women. The company has close to one thousand customers across the U.S. and France, from companies of all sizes. Double was co-founded in 2018 by Alice Default who worked at Sunrise Calendar, which was acquired by Microsoft. To date, Double's executive assistants have saved over 250,000 hours for executives.


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