Elastic Path Launches Composer, the Only Integration Platform-as-a-Service Purpose-Built for Commerce

Vastly reduce the cost, resources, and time required to orchestrate and manage a composable solution

BOSTON--()--Elastic Path, the leader of the Composable Commerce movement, today launched Composer, the only commerce intelligent Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS). Composer advances Elastic Path’s mission to de-risk Composable Commerce by making it faster, easier, and less expensive to build, launch, host, and manage a multi-vendor commerce solution.

The speed and flexibility benefits of Composable Commerce are undeniable, but orchestrating and managing a multi-vendor solution is often where implementations get complicated. According to Forrester, “In 2023, a third of digital businesses will abandon or restructure midstream projects that prove too complex to execute or maintain.” Commonly, composable projects are made up of five to 15 integrations, each taking six to eight weeks to complete, requiring custom lambdas, management of product code, and glue code monitoring.

Composer, the only iPaaS purpose-built for commerce, is the connective tissue that provides what businesses need to confidently build, launch, host, and manage a composable solution without the cost, time, and resource risks. Now, businesses can confidently embrace Composable Commerce and re-invest their time and money into creating engaging experiences that increase conversion, customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, revenue.

“Composer helps us to power the unique experiences that members all over the United States rely on and gives us the flexibility to easily make changes down the line, if needed,” said Donna Quinlan, head of product at Vivrelle, an Elastic Path customer. “If we choose to add or change a third-party technology, it’s not going to break our entire tech stack. It’s a huge unlock for us!”

Composer is made up of three core capabilities:

  1. Integrations Hub: launched earlier this year, Integrations Hub is a library of instant-on, no-code integrations that can be deployed in minutes. These integrations are fully managed by Elastic Path.
  2. Builder: a low-code integration designer that allows users to quickly and easily build integrations and business functions from a library of over 100 components and 1,500 actions.
  3. Monitor: a self-service unified monitoring dashboard with proactive altering on integration operations, including event tracking and log monitoring.

All integrations or functions built using Composer are fully hosted, meaning Elastic Path handles scaling, uptime, security, and performance so that customers do not have to.

“Based on our experience launching digital commerce applications of all shapes and sizes, we’ve experienced the challenge that assembling, operating, and monitoring a mission-critical commerce architecture places on customers focused on growing digital revenue first and technology second,” said Bryan House, chief experience officer at Elastic Path. “Composer fundamentally changes the game for multi-vendor commerce application development. Composer gives customers the freedom to choose the best technologies for their business needs without taking on the technical risk of extensive custom development work, accelerating timelines and reducing implementation costs by as much as 60%.”

Composer builds on the recently released Integrations Hub to reduce the risks of Composable Commerce, making it more accessible for all. Key benefits of Composer include:

  • Free up developers from time-consuming, low-value development work with instant-on integrations
  • Reduce ongoing Devops/Cloudops work by offloading integration management to Elastic Path
  • Quickly adjust, add, or remove integrations at any time based on evolving business needs
  • Expedite the building of unique integrations using low-code tooling by leveraging pre-built components and actions
  • Eliminate the cost of hosting for each individual integration
  • Identify issues more quickly to minimize downtime and confidently embrace Composable Commerce with proactive alerting for integration issues

Composer can be purchased as a standalone or bundled with other Elastic Path products. Register to see a live demo of Composer on June 7 at 11 a.m. EST.

About Elastic Path
Elastic Path is on a mission to break through the barriers that prevent commerce leaders from delivering extraordinary shopping experiences. Today, that means making Composable Commerce accessible to all brands by reducing the cost, time, and overall risk of implementing and managing a multi-vendor approach. With Elastic Path, both business and tech teams are able to innovate on their own terms, fully embrace composability, and in turn, never compromise on what’s possible. Learn more at www.elasticpath.com.


Jill Rosenthal for Elastic Path


Jill Rosenthal for Elastic Path