KUBTEC® Launches MOZART iQ® - A Next Generation 3D Margin Management System for Breast Surgery

KUBTEC MOZART iQ 3D Margin Management System for intraoperative specimen imaging in breast conserving surgery. (Photo: Business Wire)

STRATFORD, Conn.--()--KUBTEC®, a leading specimen imaging company, is excited to launch its latest advancement in breast cancer surgery - the MOZART iQ® 3D Margin Management System.

This innovative product utilizes amorphous selenium direct capture imaging technology as well as 3D intraoperative tomosynthesis X-ray technology, to provide breast surgeons an exceptionally clear view of surgical margins in the Operating Room.

At KUBTEC, our mission is to empower precision surgery by providing surgeons with the best intraoperative technology,” said Vikram Butani, KUBTEC CEO. “We are continually innovating and adding value to our products. The MOZART iQ®, with its crisp, high-quality images, combined with the proven benefits of 3D tomosynthesis technology, represents a major advancement in intraoperative specimen imaging”.

3D intraoperative specimen tomosynthesis - only available from KUBTEC – has already been proven to reduce repeat surgeries (or re-excisions) by up to 50%1. This represents a significant benefit, as currently up to 30% of cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery will be called back for a second surgery2. Repeat surgery can lead to worse clinical outcomes, higher healthcare system costs, poorer cosmetic results, longer wait times, and worse patient satisfaction overall.

The detail that MOZART iQ® provides will give surgeons more confidence in the effectiveness of their procedures,” continued Vikram Butani. “It is also very easy and efficient to use in the OR setting, and comes with a toolkit of innovative, surgeon-friendly features such as Voice Control and the Image Blender that combines optical and X-ray images. Also, for the first time with a MOZART® system, GammaPRO®, our next generation High Sensitivity Wireless SLNB Technology comes fully integrated, meaning one less screen in the OR. We’re proud to welcome MOZART iQ® to our family of leading products and are excited about its potential to benefit surgeons, hospitals and patients.”

KUBTEC showcased the MOZART iQ® 3D Margin Management System for the first time at the recent American Society of Breast Surgeons Annual Meeting. This new product is exclusively available in the US and Canada. More information can be found at: https://www.kubtec.com/introducing-mozart-iq


KUBTEC is challenging the status quo of breast cancer surgery and the excessive volume of re-excision surgeries. Through continuous research and development of proprietary 3D tomosynthesis technology, KUBTEC is empowering surgeons with immediate visualization of surgical margins in the operating theater, helping to reduce re-excision rates, preserve healthy breast tissue, and improve patient outcomes.

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Richard Whelton, Director of Marketing, rwhelton@kubtec.com

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KUBTEC® launches MOZART iQ® - a next generation 3D Margin Management System for Breast Surgery


Richard Whelton, Director of Marketing, rwhelton@kubtec.com