HotelSlash, A New Hotel Booking Service That Provides Travelers the Best Deals for More Than 1 Million Hotels Worldwide, Launches to the Public

NEW YORK--()--The creators of AutoSlash, the premier platform for discounted online car rentals, today announced the launch of HotelSlash, an innovative hotel booking website designed to help travelers secure the best deals on hotel accommodations. A membership-based platform, HotelSlash provides users with exclusive access to deeply discounted rates at over one million hotel properties worldwide, catering to both prepaid and pay-at-property bookings. HotelSlash is the sole service that tracks reservations for lower rates and alerts customers when prices drop, enabling them to re-book to maximize their savings even further.

A driving concept behind HotelSlash is understanding that hotel rates are in constant flux. This creates an opportunity for HotelSlash to ensure that travelers don’t leave any money on the table when booking their hotel stay. Using its proprietary algorithm, HotelSlash not only seeks exact room matches at lower prices but also identifies opportunities for upgraded rooms and other auxiliary benefits. For instance, a customer who initially booked a standard room without breakfast might benefit from HotelSlash's algorithm, which could uncover an equal or lower rate that includes breakfast or even an upgrade to a superior room.

Typically, when searching for hotel accommodations, people book a reservation and forget about it, inadvertently missing out on opportunities to save money or upgrade to a superior room or enhanced amenities as their travel date approaches. Just because someone has the best available deal today does not guarantee that the same rate will remain the best tomorrow, next week, or even right before check-in. HotelSlash bridges the gap between the reservation and the date of stay, ensuring that travelers capitalize on every opportunity to maximize their value without leaving any money on the table.

According to the company, early users of the service saved an average of up to 30% on their hotel rates if they book approximately one month ahead of their arrival date.

HotelSlash offers two primary methods for travelers to save money with the service:

  1. Users can book directly through HotelSlash, which will automatically keep tabs on their reservation, checking for price drops and identifying any available upgrade opportunities.
  2. Users can book a refundable hotel reservation through any website they like, and HotelSlash will monitor it on their behalf, continually searching for an improved deal and notifying the user as soon as one is discovered.

“We’re excited to take the wraps off HotelSlash and officially introduce it publicly,” said Jonathan Weinberg, co-founder and CEO. “HotelSlash provides exclusive, members-only access to exceptionally discounted rates, which are currently unavailable to the general public, for over one million properties worldwide. It’s like price protection for your hotel reservation.”

The team behind the newly launched company have a proven track record as innovators in the travel industry, with over two decades of experience helping travelers save money, including more than $100 million from online car rentals. HotelSlash, which has been in stealth mode since 2020 is led by Jonathan Weinberg, co-founder and CEO, who also co-founded and leads AutoSlash. Other key members of the leadership team include:

  • Ludovit Pauliny: Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer
  • Matthew Horne: Co-founder, Vice President of Software Development
  • Michael Miller: Co-founder (also co-founder and CTO of AutoSlash)

The founders bring tremendous depth to this new hotel-focused venture, addressing a growing demand first noticed among AutoSlash customers and then in the larger consumer travel market particularly as inflationary pressures have elevated the average cost of a hotel stay.

HotelSlash is a subscription-based service priced at $29.95 per year, providing a no-questions asked, 100% refund guarantee. The company is dedicated to saving users an amount equal to or greater than the membership fee on their initial bookings. The membership model enables HotelSlash to present exclusive, deeply discounted rates not typically accessible to the general public. During this introductory period, HotelSlash offers a complimentary trial period without requiring a credit card, allowing travelers to experience the service firsthand and discover the potential savings.

About HotelSlash

HotelSlash is a new hotel booking website designed to help users get the best deals on their hotel accommodations every time. Founded in 2020 and launched to the public in May 2023 by the same team that created AutoSlash for car rentals, HotelSlash is a membership-based platform that provides exclusive access to deeply discounted rates at over one million hotel properties worldwide, for both prepaid and pay-at-property bookings. The company’s technology is based on proprietary algorithms developed in-house.

To learn more about HotelSlash and set up a free trial membership, visit Follow HotelSlash on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Media and Analyst:
Michael Draznin on behalf of HotelSlash

Release Summary

HotelSlash, a new hotel booking service that helps users get the best deals every time on over 1 million hotel properties worldwide, launched today.


Media and Analyst:
Michael Draznin on behalf of HotelSlash