Linear Health Sciences Ramps Commercialization of the Orchid SRV™ IV Safety Device with Two Expansive Distribution Agreements

The Orchid SRV Device, Intended to Reduce Risk of IV Catheter Failure, is Now Available in the Eastern U.S. and Throughout Canada

OKLAHOMA CITY--()--Medical device company Linear Health Sciences today announced expanded commercialization of its Orchid SRV™ tension-activated breakaway safety release valve, via an agreement with Health Care Technology (HCT) covering distribution in the six New England states, New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Virginia; and an agreement with McArthur Medical covering all of Canada.

Dislodgement of IV catheters is a significant problem that often flies under the radar. More than 340 million peripheral IVs are administered in the U.S. each year1; dislodgement and associated failure modes are estimated to cost the American healthcare system more than $340 million annually2. The Orchid SRV, a sterile, single-use connector for needle-free access, makes return to treatment fast, simple, and clean, while improving both the patient and clinician experience. Placed between the existing IV extension set and general IV tubing connection, when tension (of up to 3.25 lbs.) acts on the IV line, the valve separates and seals off both sides of the IV, creating a sterile barrier. The clinician then restores the line simply by removing the separated halves and replacing them with a new, pre-packaged, sterile valve.

Clinical simulation testing of 360 Orchid SRVs showed that the device prevented IV dislodgement by 91.1 percent across all test groups. The Orchid SRV is indicated for use during direct injection, intermittent infusion, and continuous infusion.

“HCT is very excited to be partnering with Linear Health Sciences. Linear’s Orchid technology will drastically improve patient care related to IV infusion and safe IV therapy practice,” said Adam Benson, CEO of HCT.

“Our team of clinicians gets inspired when they see innovations like the Orchid from Linear Health Science,” added Frank Fiorenza, VP of sales and marketing at McArthur Medical, the Canadian distribution arm of Linear Health Sciences. “This is a product that will help staff manage workload and improve patient satisfaction.”

“An important part of our mission is helping to raise awareness of the impact of IV dislodgment and the larger issue of premature catheter failure,” said Dan Clark, co-founder and CEO of Linear Health Sciences. “In addition to expanding patient access to this ground-breaking safety technology, we expect these agreements to be instrumental in calling attention to this important patient safety issue and ultimately to help educate the market on a failure mode that is too often considered normal.”

Linear Health Sciences won an Innovative Technology Award for Orchid SRV from Vizient, and the device will be offered to hospital customers through a non-exclusive contract with the group purchasing organization (GPO). Orchid SRV won a 2023 BIG Innovation Award from the Business Intelligence Group. Qualified clinical evaluations of Orchid SRV will continually quantify device utilization and drive Linear Health Science’s next generations of innovation.

About Linear Health Sciences

Linear Health Sciences is a medical device company that has developed a proprietary, breakaway safety valve technology designed to improve the use of medical tubing in hospitals. The platform technology was developed to increase the safety and satisfaction of patients, caregivers, and healthcare facilities, while dramatically reducing costs. The company’s initial products include the Orchid SRV for use in IV catheter therapy and the Orchid SRV Type D device for use in surgical/wound, nephrostomy and abscess drainage. For more information, visit

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2 Helm, et al. “Accepted but unacceptable: peripheral IV catheter failure” J Infus Nurs May-Jun 2015;38(3):189-203. doi: 10.1097/NAN.0000000000000100