Vibe Set to Transform NFT Industry with NFT-to-Product Platform

Setting a new NFT standard, taking NFTs from Pictures to Products

SAN FRANCISCO--() announces the launch of their comprehensive non-fungible token (NFT) platform that sets out to create the paradigm shift of "NFT-to-Product", the new standard of non-fungibility by providing creatives the tools to curate and customize their NFTs. Vibe’s product launch is backed by a $4 million seed round supported by Alchemy Ventures, Aglaé Ventures, global K-Pop Sensation Psy’s music label, P Nation and others. Vibe’s core team includes founding developers and contributors from Sushiswap, Binance, Github, Coinbase, and other bluechip protocols.

Currently, most NFTs have failed to reach their true potential, as many are simply JPEGs with limited or no utility or value outside of their scarcity.

Vibe offers a first-of-its-kind, no-code platform that enables creatives to turn NFTs into fully fledged applications and products via NFT smart contracts and metadata. The goal is to turn static NFTs into evolving assets with real-world and digital utility. From building upgradable mechanics to plugins, creatives can embed features like loyalty points, physical redeemable, ticketing, and more directly into the smart contracts.

The emergence of the digital age through web3 is undeniable, but the lack of legitimate and robust infrastructure and tools has hindered its full realization. Vibe innovates at a protocol level to focus on the future of multi and cross chain. Any Vibe NFTs can be deployed on any chain, and bridge to any other. Vibe’s vision is to democratize NFT creation, making it as accessible and user friendly as launching a regular product. This encompasses the initial drop, holder acquisition, insights and KPI’s, continuous iteration, advanced features, and user engagement. This paradigm shift they define as NFT-to-Product, representing a transformational change in how NFTs are perceived and utilized.

“Real value for NFTs will come from the dynamism and programmability where creators can add unique features to their collections, until now they haven’t had a comprehensive tool to curate and customize their collections. Our goal is to simplify this entire process and we are confident in our mission - taking NFTs from pictures to products,” said Rachel Chu, Founder and CEO of

Vibe has already captured the attention of the vibrant NFT community and will be unveiling a number of celebrity collaborations in the coming weeks.


Rachel McHugh