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DALLAS--()--In My Silver Lining: Healing Through Art, renowned artist and sculptor Jennifer Troice uses stunning photography to reveal how art has the ability to transform trauma and grief into healing. With detailed page-by-page recounting of the casting process, Jennifer’s life and art is a testament that, no matter the situation, everyone can find their own silver lining.

My Silver Lining can inspire others to create for connection and healing in our world.” —Andrea Davis, CEO and Founder of Dallas Art Therapy, Board-Certified Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor

"My Silver Lining is profound. With such depth and breadth beyond the obvious beauty, I stand in awe of the magnificent amount of work that goes into every one of these masterpieces. I truly had no idea the heart, the soul, the skill, and the patience that goes into each piece before this; my appreciation level has gone up one-hundred-fold. Bravo, Jennifer!" —Sheree Wilson, Producer, and Television Actress on Dallas and Walker, Texas Ranger

SUMMARY: Jennifer Troice always possessed an aptitude for art and the elements that came with it — the patience for the process, a keen eye for craft, and the heart to pour expression into a still sculpture. Her journey, however, wasn’t a smooth one. It was wrought with vulnerability, resilience and recovery. Her art collection attests to her strength: like clay, she transformed her pain into beauty. My Silver Lining brings to life the story of Jennifer’s sculpting career. Her versatile work — such as a one-ton bronze tree, geometric sea creatures, and casted alloy abound with color — is on display in both Mexico and the United States.

AUTHOR BIO: Jennifer Troice had her first experiences with sculpting at the American School in Mexico City, where she participated in the IB Art program. She honed her knowledge at the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston in 2005 and completed studies in human-body drawing, printmaking, welding and casting. Jennifer works with bronze and finishes her works with different colored patina to express her style. Inspired by Constantin Brâncuşi and Picasso, Jennifer framed her artistry with a style she calls geometric minimalism. Currently living in Dallas, Texas, Jennifer is a wife, mother of three boys, and an entrepreneur. Visit her online at and on Instagram and