Time is Ltd. Launches Analytics 2.0 & Data Platform to improve Employee Engagement

Introducing team and company-wide collaboration analytics, Time is Ltd. has launched a solution aimed at assisting HR leaders in their journey to enhance team engagement.

collaboration analytics time is ltd. (Graphic: Business Wire)

NEW YORK--()--Time is Ltd., a top employee engagement and productivity company, has introduced Collaboration Analytics 2.0, allowing users to access and analyze a wide range of metrics with ease.

Featuring world-first metrics such as advanced focus time and network metrics, Time is Ltd. holds a leading position in analyzing data from calendars, emails, Slack, and video conferencing tools to understand the pulse of teams - both from the Microsoft 365 Office and Google Workspace eco-systems.

"We're committed to eliminating barriers for employees at work, and that begins with identifying obstacles – whether it's a full day of ineffective meetings with an excessive amount of participants," says Jan Rezab, CEO & Founder of Time is Ltd.

As AI makes its way into the workplace, Time is Ltd. recognizes that measuring the impact of incorporating additional AI tools within collaboration and communication processes is essential, as it can significantly influence productivity.

With the release of 200+ metrics, Time is Ltd. also introduces its Collaboration Data Platform and API, allowing companies to integrate its clean and enriched data into their own systems, such as Google BigQuery or Tableau. This enables each organization to seamlessly blend it with their existing data sets.

Time is Ltd.’s Collaboration Analytics 2.0 key features include:

  • Meeting Efficiency: Evaluate and optimize meeting practices in your global organization.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Foster collaboration to reduce silos, enhance decision-making, and boost efficiency.
  • Hybrid Team Dynamics: Investigate communication differences between remote and in-office work.
  • Onboarding & Engagement: Assess onboarding effectiveness, support new joiners, and improve talent retention.
  • Customizable Data Views: Integrate processed data with your BI solution for additional insights.

To learn more about how Time is Ltd. can increase employee engagement, contact Time is Ltd.’s industry experts.

About Time is Ltd.

Founded in 2016, Time is Ltd. empowers companies to drive an engaged, focused, and thriving workforce, powered by collaboration data and insights. As the world’s leading employee experience and productivity SaaS platform, Time is Ltd. offers an interactive interface that enables companies and teams to analyze collaboration, meetings, instant messaging, emails, focus time, and more — allowing the companies to create ideal working environments for teams and employees.