Arcanum Embeds Workato Product to Provide an AI-Powered Assistant for Customers

By embedding Workato, Arcanum educates customers about the value of AI including enabling finance teams to 10x their productivity and eliminate manual data entry with GPT technology

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.--()--Workato, the leading enterprise integration and automation platform, announced today that Arcanum, the New Zealand-based company that accelerates finance teams to 10X their productivity using AI & GPT, is embedding Workato into its new and improved Accelerate Platform & AI assistant Archie, to help speed up digital adoption in SMBs. For the Arcanum team, Workato was the easy answer to take its AI assistant, Archie, to the next level, enabling its customers to connect to their current data sources and desired output locations directly from the platform - making it easy to add Archie to their existing business processes and software.

Before Arcanum decided to utilize Workato’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS), it was clear that the company wanted to offer its customers an easier solution to build complex and impactful workflows within its Accelerate Platform, where Archie's tasks are set up and monitored. The company believes that the secret behind many of the world’s successful brands and companies is the utilization of AI to personalize, customize, and streamline processes without needing to do it manually. At its core, Arcanum wants to democratize AI for businesses of all sizes and at any stage. As a leader in the integration space, Workato is making a huge impact in facilitating automation for companies around the globe by connecting any technology regardless of where it sits within a tech stack, to automate business processes for all lines of business like employee onboarding/offboarding, data enrichment, quote-to-cash, CRM hygiene and more with enterprise speed, security, and scalability.

“When it came time for us to explore the best embedded iPaaS solution for not only our existing product but also our customer’s needs, we knew we wanted to offer a full end-to-end experience as well as one that prioritizes security and governance. Our team also acknowledged that we wanted to offer a low-code, no-code solution that any of our customers could tap into with ease and confidence. With Workato’s embedded platform, our customers are able to address the pain of manually integrating several applications at one time,” said Asa Cox, founder, and CEO at Arcanum. “With our improved AI Powered assistant Archie, who makes adding AI to workflows simple, Workato’s embedded solutions empower users to create intelligent workflows at a 10x faster rate, get AI and ML resources live at a 10x faster rate, and embrace new technology to get an edge over competitors. Workato has allowed our customers to understand the benefits of AI technology and set them on a course of digital transformation.”

After embedding Workato into its Accelerate Platform, Arcanum is able to apply Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) technology to Archie, specifically for finance teams. These include:

  • GPT Powered Financial Analysis & Reporting: Unlock a new level of reporting by harnessing the power of GPT to have Archie create insights from financial accounts data such as risks, opportunities, and cash flow management
  • GPT Powered Invoice Reconciliation & Email Generation: Utilize GPT technology in your invoice reconciliation workflow to get a reconciliation status report, and have Archie generate personalized draft emails for vendors to notify them of actions they need to take

Born out of ambition, optimism, and a passion for AI and ML, Arcanum has long focused on creating a simplified solution that bypasses technical roadblocks, so that teams can quickly demonstrate the commercial success and scale of what's possible with this technology. Knowing that building organizational momentum is key to achieving escape velocity for innovations, Arcanum enables enterprises of all sizes to deliver with speed, simplicity, and scale. Since embedding Workato, Arcanum customers have felt safe and secure with the convenience of being able to connect their current software and system accounts directly to the Accelerate Platform. With the power and ease of Workato’s solutions, Arcanum’s customers now have a better understanding of how crucial AI and ML are for a company’s digital transformation and how the value is long-lasting.

“Our team is excited to be a crucial partner in Arcanum’s path in democratizing AI and ML for all, given our own mission to democratize low-code, no-code platforms to create unity between technical and non-technical teams. Helping the team at Arcanum provide faster, smarter, and more seamless solutions for their customers has been a rewarding experience,” said Carter Busse, CIO at Workato. “With Workato’s embedded platform, Arcanum is able to combine the power of enterprise integration and automation with GPT technology to take its AI platform to the next level in making it accessible for everyone.”

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About Arcanum

Arcanum is an NZ-based AI company accelerating Finance teams to 10x their document processing efficiency. They make utilising AI surprisingly easy with no-code integration into the way you already work today by leveraging Workato. Their AI-powered assistant Archie, helps teams to cope with more workload and complexity with less effort, by doing much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes. Having Archie supporting you feels a bit like eating hokey pokey ice cream by the beach!

About Workato

The leader in enterprise automation, Workato helps organizations work faster and smarter without compromising security and governance. Built for Business and IT users, Workato is trusted by over 17,000 of the world's top brands, including Broadcom, Intuit, and Box. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., Workato is backed by Altimeter Capital, Battery Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, Tiger Global, and Redpoint Ventures. For more information, visit or connect with us on social media:



Joseph Hollister
Communications Manager


Joseph Hollister
Communications Manager