Business and Academia Leaders Join to Host Inaugural Blockchain Research Symposium

Organized by Susquehanna-backed ByteTrade Lab and the University of Texas Blockchain Initiative

Official speakers include professors from Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California Berkeley, University of Illinois, University of Southern California, University of Texas-Austin, University of Washington, Yale University

The Blockchain Research Symposium will take place on April 26, 2023, in Austin, TX, and is an official side event of Coindesk’s Consensus 2023 conference

AUSTIN, Texas--()--ByteTrade Lab, infrastructure provider for the decentralized and user-controlled web, has partnered with the University of Texas-Austin, Blockchain Initiative to host the inaugural Blockchain Research Symposium on Wednesday, April 26, 2023 at the University of Texas-Austin’s Mulva Auditorium.

The day-long academic conference with top researchers in Blockchain technology and Web 3.0 aims to bring together builders, developers and industry leaders who are driving the creation and adoption of Blockchain.

“Our goal for the Blockchain Research Symposium is to bring together bright Blockchain enthusiasts working on the development of the next era of the internet,” said ByteTrade Labs CEO Dr. Lucas Lu. “For Bytetrade Lab, that is building infrastructure for Web3 and enabling users to control their own data. We’re honored to collaborate with the University of Texas-Austin to host this symposium and hope this is the first of many.”

University of Texas, Austin Professor and UT Blockchain Initiative Member Prof. Sriram Vishwanath said, “The Blockchain Research Symposium brings together some of the greatest minds in the domain of blockchains, crypto and related disciplines, to enable new directions of research, education and entrepreneurship. We truly value the support and partnership of Bytetrade in making this event possible.”

The symposium will feature a panel discussion on education, research in Blockchain and Web 3.0, and several keynote speeches from professors at various universities, including:

● Sreeram Kannan, Professor - University of Washington

● Salman Avestimehr, Professor - University of Southern California

● Sandeep Chinchali, Professor - University of Texas

● Isil Dillig, Professor - University of Texas

● Ben Fisch, Professor - Yale University

● Dawn Song - Professor - University of California, Berkeley

● Pramod Viswanath, Professor - Princeton University

● David Tse, Professor - Stanford University

● Grigore Rosu, Professor - University of Illinois

● Cesare Fracassi, Professor/Chief Economist - University of Texas/Coinbase

● Justin Hart, Professor, University of Texas

The full Blockchain Research Symposium can be seen below:

● 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM – Morning Coffee

● 9:00 AM - 9:15 AM – Welcome

● 9:15 AM - 9:45 AM – Prof. Ben Fisch, Yale University

● 9:45 AM - 10:15 AM – Prof. Dawn Song, University of California, Berkeley

● 10:15 AM - 10:45 AM – Prof. Cesare Fracassi, University of Texas

● 10:45 AM - 11:15 AM – Prof. Sandeep Chinchali, University of Texas

● 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM – Prof. Justin Hart, University of Texas

● 11:45 AM - 12:15 PM – Partner Introductions

● 12:15 PM - 1:00 PM – Lunch

● 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM – Panel on Education and Research in Blockchains and Web3 hosted by Blockchain Acceleration Foundation (BAF)

● 1:45 PM - 2:15 PM – Prof. Isil Dillig, University of Texas

● 2:15 PM - 2:45 PM – Prof. Grigore Rosu, University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

● 2:45 PM - 3:15 PM – Prof. Salman Avestimehr, University of Southern California

● 3:15 PM - 3:40 PM – Short Coffee Break

● 3:40 PM - 4:10 PM – Prof. Sreeram Kannan, University of Washington

● 4:10 PM - 4:40 PM – Prof. Pramod Viswanath, Princeton University

● 4:40 PM - 5:10 PM – Prof. David Tse, Stanford University

● 5:10 PM - 5:15 PM – Closing Remarks and Acknowledgments

For more information on Blockchain Research Symposium, please visit Follow this link to register to attend the event.

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The Blockchain Initiative at University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business is supporting blockchain research activities across the 40-acres campus. It accepts proposals to support research provided in the subject areas of blockchain and distributed systems, crypto-currency and digital payments, and cryptography as it relates to the above topic. All faculty and graduate students from across the University of Texas at Austin are invited to submit proposals. In the past, the initiative awarded four teams funding for a variety of research projects. Learn more about the program by visiting


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Gianna Perera / Ethan Lyle