Unlock Jira's Full Potential: GuideMe Solutions Introduces New Onboarding & Digital Adoption Solution on WalkMe Platform

Capitalize on the full value of the Jira Platform, by utilizing WalkMe in creating customizable, automated training solution that can help organizations do just that and so much more!

DALLAS--()--GuideMe Solutions, a leading digital adoption consulting firm, today announced the launch of its innovative Jira Onboarding Solution, built on the powerful WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform. The solution aims to streamline the onboarding process, increase user proficiency, and maximize the return on investment for Jira users.

The Jira Onboarding Solution is designed to help organizations capitalize on the full value of the Jira platform by offering customizable, automated training solutions that accelerate learning, reduce support costs, and increase user productivity. With this new offering, GuideMe Solutions aims to enhance its position in the digital adoption landscape and expand its reach to a wider audience.

Key benefits of GuideMe’s Jira Onboarding Solution include:

  • Streamlined digital workplace: Efficient adoption leads to seamless interaction between users and their tools, reducing support calls and time spent researching solutions.
  • Accelerated training and reduced support costs: Automated, on-demand training enables faster learning without technical support intervention.
  • Proficient and productive users: WalkMe’s automated assistance raises user expertise, boosting performance and output.
  • Greater utilization of the Jira platform: Managers can target and promote underused features to optimize workflows.
  • A culture of self-reliance and self-support: Encourages proactive learning and better adoption of new tools, workflows, and processes.
  • Simplified user experience: Context-based guidance reduces cognitive load and frustration, improving user satisfaction.
  • Increased return on software investment: Efficient onboarding and training lead to greater value from the Jira platform.

The Jira Onboarding Solution includes a welcome and tour of Jira Software, a "Create an Issue" button, a project template, a Quickstart guide, onboarding tasks, and WalkMe tasks.

GuideMe Solutions' CEO, Stephen Pech, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of the company's Jira Onboarding Solution. This new solution is designed to help organizations fully leverage the capabilities of the Jira platform. GuideMe Solutions has partnered with WalkMe to ensure that users can have a smooth and efficient experience, resulting in increased productivity for both individuals and the organization as a whole.

For more information on GuideMe Solutions’ Jira Onboarding Solution and to explore their range of digital adoption offerings, visit their website www.guidemesolutions.com.

About GuideMe Solutions:

GuideMe Solutions is a leading digital adoption consulting firm, specializing in the development and implementation of tailor-made solutions to help organizations maximize the value of their software investments. Through its collaboration with WalkMe, GuideMe Solutions offers a wide range of services, including onboarding, digital transformation, and employee productivity solutions.


Madee A
Marketing Director, GuideMe Solutions

Release Summary

GuideMe Solutions unveils Jira Onboarding Solution on WalkMe Platform, maximizing ROI, streamlining onboarding, and boosting user proficiency.


Madee A
Marketing Director, GuideMe Solutions