APR 20: Ukraine Cyber Chief Discusses Russian Digital Aggression during Billington CyberSecurity Webinar

Ukrainian Official Shares Newest Cyber Vulnerabilities Related to War

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Billington CyberSecurity is hosting a webinar featuring Illia Vitiuk, Head, Department of Cyber and Information Security, Security Service of Ukraine (SSU), entitled “Cyber Updates from Ukraine’s Frontlines.” SSU is the country's law enforcement and counterintelligence authority and main counterintelligence and security service. In this webinar, SSU's cyber chief discusses key lessons learned in defending against Russian cyber aggression for the past decade, how it corresponds to Russian kinetic actions, and how Ukraine is leveraging its cyber talent to shore up defenses while being more proactive in countering its digital adversaries. This webinar is a follow on to the Billington CyberSecurity Summit this past fall when cyber leaders from Ukraine—including Georgii Dubynskyi, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Digital Transformation —spoke about cyber learnings from the Russian invasion.

April 20, 2023, 12:30 pm ET

Illia Vitiuk, Chief, Department of Cyber and Information Security, Security Service of Ukraine
Tom Billington, Founder and CEO, Billington CyberSecurity


Billington CyberSecurity’s webinar is part of Billington’s series of events that convene leading senior cyber government decision-makers to examine key trends and topics while fostering deeper dialogue between government leaders and private industry. During Billington’s summit this past fall, the Government of Ukraine received the 5th Annual Billington International Cybersecurity Leadership Award for its perseverance against Russian cyberattacks and collaboration with allies to bring greater cyber knowledge to democracies worldwide.

To cover the event, follow the link and register. For questions, contact Shawn Flaherty at 703-554-3609.


Shawn Flaherty, 703-554-3609

Release Summary

Billington CyberSecurity April 20 webinar features Ukraine SSU Cyber Chief discussing newest cyber vulnerabilities related to war with Russia.


Shawn Flaherty, 703-554-3609