Cognosos Introduces Fourth-Generation Asset Tracking Tags and SpotLightTM Feature, Helping Vehicle Processing Centers and Manufacturers Optimize Outbound Logistics and Improve On-Time, In-Full Shipment Rates and Vehicle Delivery to Dealer Network

Purpose-built tag is ushering in the next generation of efficiency for Finished Vehicle Logistics

ATLANTA--()--Cognosos–a leading provider of real-time asset location solutions (RTLS)–today launched the fourth generation of its finished vehicle logistics (FVL) tags, the RT-270, adding 900MHz, low-energy Bluetooth (BLE), and a new LED light to expand use cases while maximizing efficiency, productivity and safety for automotive OEMs and shippers.

The RT-270 opens up powerful, new functionality to drive even greater efficiencies and cost savings. Leveraging the RT-270’s BLE technology and new ultra-bright LED light, Cognosos’ SpotLightTM eliminates the guesswork of locating vehicles. With the click of a button in the Cognosos app, lot and yard personnel can activate SpotLight, making the LED flash on a single vehicle or batch of vehicles, and giving personnel a visual cue that enables them to go directly to the needed vehicle, without having to visually verify the VIN number. Additionally, the RT-270’s flashing LED also extends the ability for teams to locate and load vehicles throughout evening and nighttime hours, and in inclement weather, no longer requiring good lighting to be able to efficiently verify inventory. In turn, OEMs and VPCs have much more flexibility in scheduling carriers and drivers to haul away vehicles.

Additional use cases enabled by the RT-270 tag will be announced throughout 2023, and with the added capacity of the new 900MHz data link, future software updates and new features will be delivered to tags over the air. The included BLE technology enables a host of new use cases beyond SpotLight, which will be available to RT-270 users as an upgrade at the click of a button.

“The RT-270 is ushering in the next generation of optimization for FVL,” said Adrian Jennings, Chief Product Officer, Cognosos. “The additional functionality enabled by including both 900MHz and Bluetooth will open up new solutions for some of the most challenging issues our customers face. While real-time location is a core and critical capability of our platform, our ultimate goal is to leverage location intelligence to help drive powerful changes that help our customers save time and money, and enable them to provide the best customer experience possible.”

RTLS for FVL from Cognosos combines patented wireless networking technology with GPS and Low-Energy Bluetooth to achieve real-time location data for vehicles or other mobile assets. With an ultra-lightweight hardware footprint, the solution can be deployed in weeks, minimizing time to ROI while providing teams with powerful insights that support process optimization and an improved outbound supply chain. For more information about Cognosos or to request an ROI analysis for your operations please visit the Cognosos website.

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